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It is known to all that the computer needs to defragment regularly so as to improve computer performance. And, a lot of people hope to accelerate defragmentation to save time and energy. So, you should be patient enough to read this article because it can give you a big hand in handling this problem.

First of all, you should make sure you have closed down the screensaver and exit all the application and checked whether there is something wrong with your hard disk. If all of there are OK, now , you can start the defragmentation.

Then, let us see how computer defragment usually.
Every time when you have to clean up the fragmentation, you have to follow the steps in the Windows:
Click “Start”—“Program”—“Accessories”—“System Tool”—“Disk Fragment Clean Program”, then point to the driver. Do you feel bothered about it? Is there any simpler way to clean up fragmentation quickly?

And, before defragmenting quickly, you have to reset your computer.
In the Windows Explore, click “Tool”—“Folder Options” to choose “File Type” tab, in the list of “Registered file types”, choose “Drive” and click “Edit”. And then in the dialog box, choose “New” to choose type “C:\Windows\defrag.exe "%1" \noprompt” in the column. At last, click “OK”. Now, open “My Computer”, you can right-click any drive needed defragmentation, in the shortcut menu to choose fast disk defragmenter. It is OK.

In conclusion, although you can defragment by using Windows’ defragmenter manually, you had better to turn to professional defrag software because it can defragment efficiently and completely.

Here, I recommend you to use this defrag called Advanced Defrag, it is not only a defragmenter, but also can maximize your computer performance. You really can not afford to miss it.

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