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London is awash with great bars all offering something different from great entertainment through to great wines. How about something different for your birthday this year – no going down to your local thank you very much? . This is where Birthday Confidential comes in with unbiased reviews written by industry insiders. Below Birthday Confidential looks at which London bars score best for entertainment, cocktails, wines and styling. Watch out for more articles from Birthday Confidential coming soon

Vinoteca – best for birthday parties looking for great wines

Is Birthday boy or girl a wine lover – in which case head for Vinoteca. The wine list is a outstanding with a vast range to choose from including several many unusual options by the glass and this is what sets it apart from every other bar and restaurant in London where customers have to purchase from the bottle. It is not possible to give justice to the breadth of the wine list in terms of grape varieties, countries and price points. Just go there.

Putting the wines aside Birthday Insider liked the distressed brick like simplicity (think Smiths of Smithfield), food (suitably plain) offering and overall bar atmosphere. Runners up any Michelin restaurant which invariably have much better wines than any bar but especially Gavroche

Peacock Bar – best for birthday parties looking for tip top entertainment

In the last six month Peacock Bar has been rated Top London Burlesque Club, Top London Cabaret Club as well as Top Birthday Party venue by ViewLondon (plus won just about every other award under the sun in the last six months including Top London Small Venue from Function Fixers). That’s not bad goind. Peacock Bar’s programming is very much neo burlesque – really musical comedy sketches /social commentary in the finest Kinks style After the shows there is cheesy 80s, 90s, 00s till 2.30am with top Djs like Dave DiskoJuice. All in all a pretty good package for any birthday groups out there . Should Peacock Bar be rated best Birthday Party Venue for Entertainment? Well where else in London can customers get great cocktails, burlesque, cabaret and Djs till the morning all under one roof! Runners up on the entertainment front Inigo (dance music) and Barfly (live bands)

Lab – best for birthday parties looking for great cocktails

Cocktail lovers head down to Lab. What Vinoteca is to wines Lab is to cocktails but like Vinoteca it is very much a one trick pony but hey what a trick! A very convenient position in the middle of Soho is a somewhat spoilt by a having to go into a rather dingy and low ceilinged basement (ignore the ground floor pokey and designed worse than an airport lounge) . Also the atmosphere can also be rather flat with too many out of towners trying out the excellent cocktails before moving onto dinner. The food is average at best. Entertainment is just a CD player. However Lab has consistently produced the highest quality of cocktails in London bar none for at least the last five years and manage to do so in a non stuffy way (please note various hotel bars I prefer not to publicize). That for Birthday Insider means Lab gets our vote as one of London’s Top Cocktail Bar for birthday party groups. Runners up on the cocktails front any of the Match Bars and Milk and Honey

Loungelover – best for Birthday parties who love style

For Birthday parties who value high style and do not mind paying for it head to Loungelover. Picture this - a room with regency-style chairs, low candlelit tables and four foot champagne candles. A bar area which features high glass fronted bookshelves filled up not with books, but with wine and glasses. Then there is an antiquities room and VIP area (also used for performances) which also serves as a chill out room for any performers. Finally there there is a red section decked out entirely in red, even down to red tinted windows. This bar surely has only one purpose – seduction. And it works the drinks and food are first rate albeit on the pricey side. Runners up on the style front Ziegfrieds and Lost Society

The Library and Garden Room – best for birthday parties who like hotel chic

Not really Birthday Insider’s thing but for any Goldman Sachs bankers having a birthday get on down to The Lanesborough Hotel now. The Library and Garden Room conjures up drinking men's clubs from regency times, with wall to wall books and high ceilings and although it is actually all rather modern , you will find a standard of service unknown since colonial days. Following a refurbishment, the Lanesborough has created The Garden Room, for those who believe the life went out of the London bar scene along with the smoke. An extensive collection of Cuban cigars is offered for those who want to complete their evening in style. Runners up on the hotel bar front Met bar and Zetters

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