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Keywords are the most important SEO part for every search engine – actually they are what search strings are matched against. So you see that it is very important that you optimize your site for the right keywords. This seems easy at first but when you get into more detail, it might be a bit confusing to correctly determine the keywords. But with a little research and thinking the problem of selecting the right keywords to optimize for can be solved.

When selecting the Keywords and Keyword Phrases for your Website, seeking to achieve high rankings in Google and Yahoo and the other search engines, you need to consider how the spiders view your web site. Rarely is the search engine spiders reading single words, every sentence on your Website are composed of multiple words or phrases.

1. Keywords Density - How many times is your keyword mentioned on your site? If it's too much, you'll look like a spammer; if it's too little, you won't look like a relevant match and the search engines won't consider your site.
2. Keyword Variation - Altering versions of your keywords will help you capture hidden search engine traffic.
3. Similar Keywords - These are closely related topics to your keywords that will aide the search engines in correctly categorizing your traffic.

GetMeOnTop provides keyword services research and keyword pay per click research to businesses looking to take full advantage of effective search engine optimization techniques. Selecting the proper keywords that will draw traffic to an established business can be a difficult and daunting task. Selecting keywords on your own to market your website can be a process that proves unsuccessful. The keyword generation process is one that is based on different techniques. If you are not fully aware of how keywords function in terms of search engine marketing, you may wind up selecting keywords that are rare or that web users just aren't using. GetMeOnTop understands the science behind keywords and we put our knowledge to work for you.

Keyword research is the most important element of integrated SEO campaigns. It is also the most challenging task that an SEO developer will face. If your site is optimized with poorly researched keywords, your readers will never find you, and you certainly will not be at the top of Google or Yahoo. Knowing the right keywords allows you to target a specific market(s), ensuring that readers that come to your website are those that will do what you want your consumers to do. Here are some basic tips for effective keyword research.

1) Do not assume that you know what the customers type in the search field. If you know what you do not know, you have a better chance of bagging the keywords that will rake in visitors.

2) Create a list of potential keywords then slowly weed out the good ones from the excellent ones.

3) Learn how to use keyword research tools. If you know how the tools exactly work, you can come up with a better analysis.

4) Only put up to four related keywords on one page. Use them wisely.

5) Monitor the viability of your keywords and tweak them as needed.
Following this and our other Free SEO tips will help you in getting top rankings on Google and Yahoo. To assure you are #1 on Google, #1 in Yahoo, and #1 on

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