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Social bookmarking websites are swiftly becoming a favorite of search engines. This is probably because there is a human aspect to social bookmarking. People are actively involved in organizing and tagging their favorites. This is a powerful signal that the web page is very relevant to the search, much more so than a simple keyword search.

Social bookmarking websites are rather easy to use, and are exceptionally effective for driving an enormous amount of exceptionally targeted traffic to your site in record time. Additionally, social bookmarking will give more exposure to your articles and posts, and over time this should provide extra credibility for you.

The first thing you should do is visit a few of the top social bookmarking websites, such as Propeller, Digg, Reddit or the social bookmarking website of your choice, and sign up for a free account. After you sign up, you can select a ‘button’ that you can add to the end of each of your posts. This will allow users to bookmark your blog or website without difficulty.

What this does is provide a link to the social bookmarking website where the visitor can log in to the site if he/she is a member of the bookmarking service, or sign up if they are not a member of the service. After that, your blog post, article or website will appear as a bookmarked URL. When other members of the bookmark site find your website bookmarked, and it is relevant to what they are searching for, you should see an increase of traffic to your site. Also, bookmarking will help increase the backlinks to your site which should help in terms of SEO for search engine traffic.

Here are some additional tips that you can utilize to get the most benefit from social bookmarking:

• When you create a blog post, make sure that the keyword phrase is as close to the beginning of the post as is possible. When you bookmark the post, use the title of the post and tag the keyword as well. This is excellent for search engine results.

• Stay active with social bookmarking and bookmark every post. Social bookmarks are bait for the search engines, and this is an opportunity that is not to be wasted.

• Add video, audio, RSS feeds etc to get more and more interaction on your website and eventual bookmark links back to your website.

• The content on your website must be good. There is no substitute for good quality content when it comes to generating traffic. You must ensure that you get quality links as well, because the links that you receive on your website must be from reliable sources and have to be relevant to your content.

Remember, in order to get more and more people to visit your site, you need to provide good quality content and make it easy for them to bookmark your site.

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