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Do you create a bad 1st impression when you smile due to dingy yellow or discolored teeth? Do you avoid getting to know new friends because of your ugly, dingy teeth? If you ask your dentist about his teeth whitening solutions, you'll learn that the price will be as high as $500. And during this horrible economy, that kind of payment is difficult to justify for a cosmetic procedure to get whiter teeth.

Would you like to whiten your teeth for free? If you get your teeth whitened in the dentisits office, it will set you back about $500 bucks. But now, due to a discovery by a New Jersey woman, you can whiten your teeth for free. (Actually, you have to pay a small $5.00 shipping charge). She found this trick by combining 2 free teeth whitening trials offers online from Dazzle Smile and Smile Bright. For an investment of less $5.00, she discovered an amazing teeth whitening process that rivals what you would expect to get from your local dentist. And her total cost was about 1/100th of what she would have paid the dentist! The trick is that she used two free trial offers from the internet that cost her just a few dollars for shipping.

Her story pertaining to the yellowing of her teeth is a familiar one. She did several things over time that stained her teeth: She drank coffee, smoked cigarettes for many years, and did not floss as often as she should have. You know the story, it is probably just like yours. Over a number of years, she started to notice how bad the yellowing and staining had developed on her teeth. It ultimately got so bad, she realized that she had to do something.

She explored the likelihood of having her teeth whitened by her dentist, but she did not have the $five hundred to pay for this service. For the following half-dozen months she attempted all the different tooth pastes out there with no visible results. She was searching for a teeth whitening method that was effective, but wouldn't her an arm and a leg. She couldn't afford the over inflated prices at the dentist, and her dental policy would not cover cosmetic teeth whitening. She turned to the Internet and she spent days looking up information on how to get whiter teeth for free.

Finally, after counless hours of tiring research, she hit upon an concept. What she discovered through this analysis was that there are 2 effective techniques to get white teeth. Her concept was to employ each the bleaching pens and that the whitening trays to whiten her teeth. And much to her delight, the process worked! The secret to the method is to use both products, one after another. And the best part, while researching these techniques, she found out how to get white teeth for free by employing free samples of each items, all it cost was a few bucks for shipping. That is significantly lower than the $500 her dentist wanted.

Within a couple of days, her friends noticed and mentioned how much better she looked. And there was another huge surprise; her whiter teeth lifted her self esteem, and this allowed her to smile more and appear more pleasant and out-going.

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The secret of how to get white teeth for free is in using both products, one after another. Get links to both teeth whitening free trials at White Teeth for Free!

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