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So, your looking for cheap flash drives and you want to make the best possible purchasing choice?

The struggle is, there are so many diverse types and brands that you are puzzled and fearful to pull the trigger - I understand because I was in your shoes.

In fact, I went through the same exact thing you are now!

I lost my data when my flash drive broke and it was painful! I didn't have alot of money to buy a new one.

And I have a secret - a secret that flash drive manufacturers do not want you to know about, because - get this - if you knew, their sales would dive.

And what is this secret?

Here's the secret: Most flash drives are manufactured using the same components. Actually, many are made by the same company with a different name on them.

And how will this information benefit us?

Simple - you do not have to pay a huge price to get a actually decent flash drive. Actually, some of the better flash drives on the market are actually cheap.

You do not neccessarily have to buy a brand name flash drive to get a high-quality one, there are cheap flash drives that work just as good.

So what are the best cheap flash drives?

Let's use the basic 2GB flash drive. Price is by and large determined by the size of the thumb drive and a 2GB thumb drive is plenty for nearly all needs.

One of the top cheap jump drives is the 2 gb Crucial Gizmo! It's reliable and quick and has high transfer speeds. It's durable and lightweight and can be purchased online for around $5.99.

If you're searching for a 4GB thumb drive, then the 4gb Crucial Gizmo can be found online for $8.99 If you would like additonal storage capacity, this is a great deal.

So, are cheap flash drives the prime factor in your choice Or would you prefer to improve a bit in price and performance?

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