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The Kansas Jayhawks are hitting Kivisto Field with a sold out crowd against Oklahoma on Saturday. Supportive fans will tell you they expect that their team will take home another victory to add to the growing list of wins the team has already garnered under their belt. From the start of the season's opener game where the Kansas Jayhawks defeated Northern Colorado 49-3 on Kivisto Field, the team has been virtually unstoppable.

Whether at home or away, the Kansas Jayhawks have been bringing their A-game to the field, leaving their peers stunned. Duke scored a mere 16 points before being sent home after the Kansas Jayhawks scored 44 points. Although Colorado was able to manage a break in the Kansas Jayhawks' winning streak but only barely as the loss was by a mere four points.

The top five players who lead the game-by-game stats are Kayl Anderson (56), Isaiah Barfield (19), D.J. Beshears (20), Time Biere (86) and Cale Blakesley (94). In concert with overall team efforts, the Kansas Jayhawks are scoring an average of 38.8 points per game versus 20.7 for their opposition. Similar team stats are holding for first down rushing and passing.

For those who want to keep an eye on the Kansas Jayhawks as they work their way down the 2009 schedule, fans and opposite can keep a watchful look out for the team to take on Texas Tech, Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas and Missouri before attending the Big 12 Championship in Arlington, Texas on December 5. Twelve more games in 2010 will help in determining just how close to the top the Kansas Jayhawks will get this season. If you've been following the excellent performances by the Kansas Jayhawks and these performances are any indication, this is one team to watch for at the top of the list.

The University of Kansas Memorial Stadium is the heart and soul of where home games for the Kansas Jayhawks take to the field to strut their stuff. Fans and visitors alike can expect to enjoy every football game as the action unfolds from a variety of options. This U-shaped stadium has many different seating options and price ranges designed to suit every budget and taste.

Those who enjoy the live band and cheering students can take advantage of general admission prices and seating located in the curve of the U-shape which is identified as the Family Zone. Barrier free access is provided by wheelchair platforms that are conveniently situated around the entire stadium.

Members of the Touchdown Club are offered a unique location and opportunity to experience the game from this vantage point. Those who wish to experience the Kansas Jayhawks in the stadium's finest seating can choose from the press box and Ward Family Scholarship Suites. All other reserved seats create ample opportunity to get your game on and root for the team in comfort and style.

Located at 1017 W 11th Street at the corner of 11th and Main Streets in Lawrence, Kansas, Memorial Stadium holds a fantastic crowd of 50,000 and with a full stadium, you're sure to appreciate every roaring moment of the action on the gridiron at the Kansas Jayhawks games. In 2008, Memorial Stadium upgraded to field turf to make the playing experience more akin to what the professional use and the results have been fantastic. This year the Kansas Board of Regents has approved an expansion of Memorial Stadium on the east. Fans can expect even more room and possible a trip to the Orange Bowl again by the Kansas Jayhawks like 2008.

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