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The festival core
Deep Creek hosts an unusual and appealing holiday of beauty and taste.
For a few days the place becomes a new Mecca for artisans and craftsmen, as well as for the connoisseurs of art. Art objects of all kinds are on display. Whether you are interested in oil paintings or in quaint jewelry, your needs will surely be satisfied. Wine experts are also contended, having the possibility to relish more than 200 wines. Moreover, one can take advantage of special festival prizes and renew wine supplies at home.

Holiday for children

Families should not be afraid that their children will be bored while their parents sip a delightful sample of wine and relish their eyes on the arts objects. Kids will try themselves at drawing and carving, will have their faces painted and participate in funny games.

Deep Creek lodging

The festival attracts more and more people every year. It becomes popular with the artists and increasingly enjoys popularity with the tourists.
So if you decide to attend the event, the profit of which goes on charity, you should think of Deep Creek lodging in advance. If you wait till the last minute you may find that everything is packed and there is no way to squeeze into!
You should give a deep thought on where to stay, as it may either spoil or enrich your holiday. But don`t be afraid, Deep Creek Lake has a lot of lodging possibilities. Your may try for instance some of the hotels near the Wisp Mountain, such as the Lake Star, the Comfort Inn or the Wisp resort. But be prepared that some of the Deep Creek lodgings are not installed with the elevator, so don`t take heavy bags!
Else, you may choose to stick to home atmosphere and think of Deep Creek Lake rentals. Rentals in Deep Creek are numerous and having spent some time on search you may come across some cozy villa with a breath-taking view over the lake.
Just a little time spent and you will be sure that your stay in Deep Creek will be lovely, and nothing will draw your attention from the festival of art and wine.

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