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Insurance sector has gone through a number of changes in these days. Earlier very few people knew about the benefits of this sector. People had not good opinion about insurance.


Insurance sector has gone through a number of changes in these days. Earlier very few people knew about the benefits of this sector. People had not good opinion about insurance. But now a day’s insurance industry have turned up. With the rise in the industry, more people aware about this industry. Awareness about insurance increases day by day. These companies describe the exact meaning of insurance and its benefits. Now human beings have changed their opinion about insurance sector. Due to its benefits people want to take insurance policies. A person takes policy to reduce the risk in life like health, accident etc.

Insurance Broker:

The people are motivated by the representatives of insurance companies which are normally known as insurance brokers or agents. The brokers find the source for insurance. The insurance brokers do all the work manually which include the work like entering cover note book, cancel cover note entry etc. is done by human resource on paper. They manage all the information about their customers manually which means for individual customer they have to manage all the records and repeat this process for every customer to avoid any conflict between two. This simply means a lengthy and absolutely exhausted process to manage all the information manually. It not only wastes the time but also increase the cost. There are lots of records which an insurance broker maintains. An agent is responsible for all the important documents of the customer and the company. He is the person who creates, enter and move cover note book of a customer. He explains the customer about all necessary document required and how to attach them to
the policy either in case of new insurance or renewal of the previous insurance. He also describes the procedure to check the policy status. He also explains the method to create business report and see business summary.

Softwares for Insurance Broker:

As IT industry supports almost all businesses in the world, now it upholds the insurance broking industry. IT industry develops softwares for insurance broking industry. This software is developed for reducing the workload of the insurance agents. This software system helps to manage all the work starts from gaining information to analyze company’s schemes. This system provides the facility to generate the alerts like renewal alerts and other important alerts. Just feed the data into the software and relax. The insurance brokers need not to be worry about keeping all the records on a paper. This software helps them to provide peace of mind. It also cut the overall cost of the insurance company as less manpower is needed for this. It also save the time as work is done by a machine and a machine always works faster than manpower. It always offered better performance and produce flexibility in their work. This software system helps the agents by maintaining all the records itself. Brokers can benefits with the u
se of custom relation management system (CRM).

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