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One evening you open your closet and choose one dress you love the most and just getting ready to wear for the scheduled party and you discovered several tiny holes around the dress. No less dangerous culprit than Clothe Moths, which can damage any clothe that come on their way. You may surprisingly ask yourself why they would do such with your clothes. The simple answer would be, “they are hungry and need to feed themselves”. You may be wondering how your clothes can be a kind of food for such tiny little insects. Your clothes can be food for these moths, because certain fabric types are made up of organic materials and enough protein; and thus become potential food for these moths. This has not been your closet crisis only, but clothes moss also has been a major threat to museums, worldwide.

You ignorance in controlling clothes moth and similar type of insects can put you in some serious trouble and in the end you would surely losing some of your precious wardrobe collections. The best way to deal with such problem is to understand your enemy first. Controlling clothes moth is not like those insects where you spray a special mixture of insecticides. Here you pest control approach a bit different and you simply can’t spray those highly poisonous chemical all around your wardrobes. It’s not the living moths which damage your clothes; it’s the larvae that really damages. The male moths that can’t fly anymore remain there to mate with the female ones before dying. The female moths then lay eggs in between fibres and hairs. These larvae that come out of these laid eggs eat up and digest keratin and other relevant protein available in plenty in fur, wool, feathers, and cotton.

Whether the clothes moth problem is a domestic one or has been a headache for local museum curator, it has to be dealt with similar seriousness and the approach remains same. The insecticide researchers have made a significant breakthrough into this problem and discovered that the larvae are the reason behind this damaging act. If the females are kept away from male moths, then this problem can be evaded, properly. It has been found through intensive research that Females give off a scent, or pheromone - which can attract males from many metres away. This proves to be the most effective research founding that has been applied in developing traps with sticky glue on it. Once the males get attracted by the odour that the traps set by, immediately the glued to this and death is almost inevitable. Basically, such sticky adhesive traps are lined along with a synthetic version of the clothes moth pheromone. Here follows one of such magical product that protects your wardrobes from clothes moth:
Pest Stop Clothes Moth Trap Pack of 2

These effective traps are designed to be hung in clothing storage areas, are simple to assemble and installed in seconds. The trap is baited with a pheromone attractant specifically for the male clothes moths, which are lured onto the sticky pad inside the trap where they are caught, thus breaking the breeding cycle.

• Discreet and practical
• Simple to assemble
• Attractant lasts for around 3 months
• Safe and effective
• no chemicals or odours
• Full Instructions included.

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