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Article Directory - Where Can You Find Best Beach Water Around Barcelona?

The beaches of Barcelona repeatedly attract tourists and people who reside in Barcelona alike to go down to the beach any day of the week to unwind, have a cocktail and enjoy the golden Mediterranean sun. The indisputable electricity and ambiance created by continuous music, beach volleyball and football players and persistent shouts of ¨beer, cola, agua, cerveza¨ make the exclusivity of the Barcelona beaches. Nonetheless, with this fiesta feel also comes litter and dirtiness in and around the beaches. For this reason, Barcelona beaches have established a slight reputation for being dirty and having unhygienic water.
All the same, 1992 resulted a colossal clean up procedure of the beaches undertaken for the Barcelona Olympics. To this day, conservation of Barcelona beaches still exists but recurrent overfilling around the central beaches like Barceloneta and Bogatel is the central ground in retaining such a status.

Accordingly, if you are looking for those breath taking beaches with crystal clear water, I advise hopping on a train, bus or going by car for a petite trip out of town. To the north lies the popular Costa Brava which contains pinewoods growing close to the seashore with branches dipping into ocean revealing water of the richest blue to shades of breath taking turquoise. Also up north just after Masnou lies Ocata which contains an enormous stretch of golden sand with delightfully uncontaminated and clear water. Furthermore about an hour up the north coastline from Barcelona, you can stumble upon San Pol. Surrounded by blossoming green hills, San Pol contains beautifully clear water that is never over populated and draws many to make day trips over weekends.
Conversely along the southern coastline, you can discover Costa Dorada well known for its superb sandy beaches. Tarragona is the primary beach which is rather significantly south of Barcelona but again contains those waters that you would witness on a ¨dream getaway¨ resort.
Having visited beaches both north and south of Barcelona, I found that the beaches down south were very sandy with warmer water. As an Australian, I love the sandiness but the beaches up north provided colder and more invigorating water to swim in.

So the choice is yours?if you are searching for the electric and dynamic scene, beaches within Barcelona are the way to go. On the contrary if you are in search of a more tranquil and beaches with water of higher quality, I advise consifering a day trip out of Barcelona.

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