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Article Directory - 7 Tips To Save On Gas And Electricity Whilst Staying Warm This Winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, summer seems like a distant memory. With winter fast approaching some Britons are faced with the worry that they may not be able to afford the gas and electricity to heat their homes through the cold winter months.

But there are some tips that people can follow in order to cut on their home energy bills whilst keeping their homes toasty - without spending any extra money.

1. Dress for the winter weather

This goes for inside your house and out. Rather than wearing a t-shirt in your house with the heating on, try adding a few extra layers for warmth.

2. Get a hot water bottle

A hot water bottle can be lovely and comforting and provide warmth for hours on end for the cost of a kettle full of hot water.

3. Keep the warmth within

When you heat up a room, make sure you don t let the heat escape by leaving doors or windows open. Shutting the curtains as soon as it becomes dusk will also help keep the warmth within your home.

4. Invite your friends over

Having several people in a room will raise the temperature through body heat. The more people in a room the warmer it will be, and you never you know might enjoy yourself at the same time!

5. Cuddle up

Cuddling up to your partner, children or family can help to stay warm for free. Not only will you stay warm but being physically close to others helps us to release oxytocin a feel good chemical to keep us happy.

6. Turn your thermostat down

If it is too cold to cope without the heating on, try turning your thermostat down by one degree. This has the potential to save you up to 10% of your annual heating bill.

7. Turn off the lights

The nights are darker in winter, but you don t need all the lights in the house on. Make sure that whenever you leave the room the lights are off to save on your gas and electricity bills.

If you have any difficulties paying your energy bills it is always worth speaking to your utilities company who should be able to help you with your payment options. The most important thing to remember is to stay warm this winter, for your health and your happiness.

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Sara O Donnell is a freelancer who writes on a range of subjects she is passionate about. This includes easy to follow tips to help consumers get the most out of their gas and electricity.

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