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Article Directory - Crystorama Lighting has been a top manufacturer in the home lighting industry since 1958, priding itself in offering the best collection of classical crystal designs.

Crystorama chandeliers are created from the some of the greatest crystal available, providing an elegant, stylish ambiance to spaces of all kinds, from the grandest of rooms to the smallest of niches. Crystorama prides itself in presenting its contemporary vision while incorporating some of the most celebrated aspects of its rich heritage into each of its chandeliers and brilliant light fixtures. Its chandeliers are of conventional designs and use genuine molds and patterns to maintain the legacy of its forefathers. In spite of recent changes in the home lighting industry, Crystorama continues to offer traditional chandeliers that necessitate many years of expertise and specialized craftsmanship in a world of mass production.

The Fashion Forward collection from Crystorama includes amazing hand painted frames met with soft curves and highlighted by distinctive shades of crystal, providing for illumination that is appealing and practical. The captivating combination of elegance and affordability makes the collection of beautiful chandeliers even more desirable. The look is ideal for a new generation of consumers that hope for a casual chandelier for more contemporary interior spaces. It is a true gem in the world of indoor lighting.

The Traditional Classic collection supports the increasing demand for classical design by continuing to source out the greatest of resources from cultures around the world. After almost 50 years of traveling and working with design communities from Europe, Asia, India and North America, Crystorama has put together an extensive selection of classical lighting. The collection presents genuine reproductions that draw inspiration from historical museums, banks, theatres and palaces from across the world. Many designs are made using the authentic molds and patterns to preserve the allure and historical value of the light fixtures.

The Natural Alabaster collection is inspired by European transitional designs from the Noveau era of the early 20th century. The rich finish with hand rubbed lacquer highlights the marvelously and thoroughly detailed solid cast brass elements found in early Roman architecture. Its natural alabaster stone originates from historical family quarries in Northern Spain. Each piece of alabaster has a distinctive graining that is hand carved by master craftsman to make an original masterpiece. The combination of hand carved natural alabaster with the solid brass decoration forms a marvelous blend of classical architecture.

The Olde World collection is intended to re-establish the true taste of Louis XV, with intricate detailing of solid cast brass frames. Handmade by master craftsmen, each fixture is cast and hand chased to bring out the complex details designed by the artist. Crystorama's master craftsmen use special hand-finishing practices to apply several layers of intensity, warmth, and richness that make these chandeliers stand out in the indoor lighting world. Each piece is suggestive of beautiful designs that graced the most lavish interiors. Thanks to the Olde World collection, the indoor lighting industry can once again be graced by the many superb tastes throughout history.

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