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The East Carolina Pirates are getting ready for Memphis by doing nothing two days of the week before the big game. You read it right. According to Coach Skip Holtz, the Pirates have been practicing religiously for nearly 10 weeks without very little time off so Monday and Tuesday are off days to get away from football. "We're trying to take advantage of time from a staff standpoint...We'll come back...and start in on Memphis and the game plan Wednesday". Coach Holtz also commented on how the time off will help to heal the bumps and bruises some of the players have suffered recently.

Fans who have been following the games of the Pirates since the start of the season know that the Pirates came out of the game and gave Appalachian State a run for it, taking home a victory of 29-24. Their next game in Morgantown, however, was a wash and the Pirates loss to West Virginia 35-20. Still on the road, the Pirates were hosted by North Carolina, who also took the victory over the Pirates 31-17. After two losses, the Pirates went back to the drawing board and sharpened up their game to win the next two games against UCF (19-14) and Marshall (21-17).
SMU was the victor in the next game, defeating the Pirates 28-21 but this resilient team turned right back around and beat Rice at home 49-13. For certain there is some great momentum going on with the Pirates, who just need to take care with their players getting injured and stay on point with offense and defense strategies to work their way to the top. During the remaining 2009 schedule, the Pirates will play Memphis on October 27, Virginia Tech on November 5, Tulsa on November 15, UAB on November 21, Southern Miss on November 28 and appearance at the USA Championship Game on December 5.

Built in 1961, the Ficklen Stadium was built with funds raised within a year. In 1994, Ron and Mary Ellen Dowdy donated $1 million dollars as a gift to aid an ongoing expansion. It was at this time that the stadium was renamed to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. James Skinner Ficklen established the Ficklen Foundation to aid East Carolina students and owned Ficklen Tobacco Company. Seating for Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium is located on the north and south sides only. To the east and west are the Murphy Center and the scoreboard. Every seat in the stadium offers perfect sites to the game and the scoreboard.

On the north, seating is available for the Pirate Club, students and of course, fans. There is also ample seating on the south side for Pirate Club members and fans beneath the press box. For Pirates games that tied into the night, there are 288 fixtures with 1500 watts each on six towers that stand 162 feet high. Additional expansions include an upper deck on the north side which increased seating capacity to 40,000 in 1998. The following year, club-level seating was added to the north side, giving seating capacity another boost to 43,000 in 1999.

The state of the art scoreboard lets fans witness high quality instant replay video boards from an electronic scoreboard that also has a video deck on board for recording. Pirates play on Tifton 419 Hybrid Bermuda playing grass, which was installed back in 1993. If you are a new fan of the Pirates, game day is your opportunity to wear purple and gold to support the team. If you have spectator seating, try not to leave your seat until quarters or half time. Also, if you want to show support for the team, try to arrive no less than 30 minutes before the game or at least to participate as the team enters the stadium.

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