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Scholarships for Women: Women have come a long way in becoming educated and involved in the working world. There are scholarships and grants that are designed to help underprivileged women pay for college.

Scholarships for African Americans and Hispanics: These are two of the most dominant minorities in the US; they are also the most favored for scholarships. There are many colleges and organizations that provide financial aid to African Americans and Hispanics.

Scholarships for Native Americans: There are many institutions and organizations that are dedicated to providing grants and scholarships to the original settlers of our country.

Scholarships for the Disabled: People with physical disabilities are capable of making a contribution to many different professions. The Disabilities Act provides for the disabled to be able to go to college too. Like many public buildings, colleges and universities must make provisions for the handicapped, including designated parking, ramps and accessible restrooms.

All Americans are encouraged to further their education, including minorities and people with disabilities. Scholarships and grants are designed for many different sectors. There are scholarships for individuals who possess talent and potential; however, they cannot afford tuition and expenses.

This article was written by Dr. Robert S. Shumake, founder of the Robert Shumake Scholarship Relays. Robert Shumake attended Denby High School in Detroit where he was an all city track and field competitor. The Shumake Scholarship Relays is a track and field event offered to students nationwide. Learn more at

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The Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays is an opportunity for him to help young people realize their goals by spotlighting student athletes and serving the great states of Michigan , Indiana , Illinois and Ohio . All proceeds from his book, "For Entrepreneur's who Have Considered Suicide when Business Got Tough"

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