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Why are Cyprus weddings so much more popular when increasingly more of us are finding we're having to pull the belt in a little tighter? Logic would seem to dictate that planning for a wedding in Cyprus is an unnecessary luxury which few could afford, and it would seem far more sensible to plan a wedding right round the corner instead of thousands of miles overseas.

This is the kind of argument which has caused many couples to dismiss out of hand the idea of Cyprus weddings, and yet the fact is that having weddings in Cyprus can often be far more economical. Of course, there's also the little matter of the wedding day itself. Quite apart from any saving in cost which a Cyprus wedding may offer, if you have committed thousands of pounds to a single day, which offers the greater likelihood that the sun will be shining and that your wedding photographs don't look as though they've been taken underwater?

There are several very good reasons why Cyprus weddings represent a real advantage, from the weather to the views, the locations to the fact that the island has developed a speciality of working together to create fantastic occasions. But for the moment we will consider the financial aspect of the wedding. Cyprus may not seem like the ideal location to choose if you're looking to save money, but with so many cheap flights now available the cost of flying to Cyprus is but a drop in the ocean compared to the sum normally reserved for a full wedding at home.

If you take the average wedding at home, you might well expect to have around sixty guests to the wedding itself and perhaps a hundred to the reception or evening do afterwards. When you consider that every one of those guests is likely to cost you between £20-£40 just for the meal and drinks, that's several thousand pounds spent merely feeding a lot of people you may well not have seen in years, and may well not see for some time to come.

The trouble is that when you have your wedding at home there is great pressure on a couple from all friends, family, distant relatives, work colleagues, partners of friends and family and even your neighbours in some cases, all of whom express joy and happiness at your engagement, and express hope that they'll be able to join you for the occasion of your wedding. Cyprus doesn't have those same pressures, because although people who may only know you in a casual way might hope or expect to be invited to a local wedding, the list quickly evaporates, condensing to just a few very close and special relatives and friends when you announce that the wedding is to be in Cyprus.

People will still be just as happy for you, but the pressure is off. When you consider that feeding and entertaining a hundred guests at your wedding could easily cost £4,000-£6,000, flying to Cyprus with half a dozen close family members and friends represents a huge saving.

With that huge saving you can either feel less pressure financially, and fewer worries, or simply enjoy the chance to indulge those who really matter, pushing out the boat a little further and creating the dream, wedding you've always wanted.

Cyprus weddings are all about those aspects of a wedding which really matter - the couple being married, their closest friends and family, a tranquil and beautiful setting and a day that's full of happy memories from sunrise to the glorious sunset.

One of the problems many couples have when planning a wedding is trying to identify local businesses and suppliers who can provide what you need for your wedding. From the caterers to the florist, from the DJ or band to someone to inflate and arrange the balloons. The list seems almost endless, with every single service provider dealing directly with you. It can often feel a little like planning a military operation, and it is of no surprise that stress can make its presence felt at this time!

However, the beauty of Cyprus weddings is that the island is geared very much towards providing perfect and well organised weddings. Simply because of the growing popularity of Cyprus as a place to be married, local service providers, industries and businesses have developed a smooth and successful working relationship that ensures each wedding is not only perfect on the day, but a dream to organise and plan.

The easiest solution by far is to enlist the services of a local wedding planner, someone based in Cyprus, who is able to provide a wealth of experience organising weddings in Cyprus, dealing with the companies, organisations, venues, photographers, service providers, caterers and the many other people required for your special day. In this way you needn't worry about the organisation - simply the planning.

Cyprus weddings not only represent a more affordable way to be married, but one that is far less stressful, with much less pressure. And at least with getting married on an island there's nowhere for the groom to escape!

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