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The objective of our motorcycling community should be first and foremost to attempt to increase our safety on our American roads and highways. The solution is first to identify the principle causes of motorcycle accidents, and then to arrive at means to reduce the incidence of motorcycle accidents resulting from those causes. What the largest study of motorcycle accidents demonstrates is that two-theirs of all motorcycle accidents re ult from the inattention and negligence of auto drivers, two-thirds of that number, or fifty percent of the total resulting when the auto driver pulls out from a side street into an intersection or turns left at an intersection into the motorcyclist's right of way.

The solutions to auto driver inattention and negligence involve legislation, motorcycle awareness programs and education, meaning specifically, auto driver education on how to drive safely for the protection of motorcyclists. The type of legislation that motorcycle groups have been able to obtain in many states to address specifically this most common type of motorcycle accident include ROWV laws, meaning "right-of-way violation laws," providing more serious penalties, preferably long drivers license suspensions, where a driver injures a motorcyclist in an accident resulting from the auto driver's having
violated the rider's right of way.

Many motorcyclists are aware of "Motorcycle Awareness" programs, now given at least some attention by State Governors proclaiming May as Motorcycle Awareness month. But there is much more that must be done year long. Every city and town should place permanent "Please Watch for Motorcyclists" signs at even just a few key intersections given that intersections are the location where these most common of motorcycle accidents occur. There are a growing number of cities that are doing this. But much more should be done given the seriousness of this motorcyclist safety issue. You can read more about what can and should be done at Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers but most importantly we need to provide auto river education opportunities specifically to inform auto drivers about what they need to do for the protection of their "two-wheeled friends."

One example is to modify the DMV booklets that auto drivers review in preparation to take the written examinations to obtain and renew their auto drivers licenses. The booklets should contain comprehensive information about motorcyclist safety, the most common ways that auto drivers endanger motorcyclists, and how best to adapt their driving for the protection of motorcyclists, for example, by specifically looking for oncoming motorcycles before entering or turning left at intersections. The booklets should also go into turning around to look into their rear view mirror blind spots, and the disparity of motorcycle breaking distances compared to those for autos of different sizes to reduce rear-end motorcycle accidents.

In addition, we would hope that the states would take the opportunity to similarly educate auto drivers by making motorcycle safety a significant part of the curriculum in all high school and other driver instruction programs, as well as in all voluntary or court ordered driver education programs, such as those offered in most states for drunk drivers or drivers seeking to avoid a traffic ticket point on their driving records, and we would urge specifically for those
convicted of any right-of-way violation.

Thank you for considering these motorcycle safety proposals. I hope that when these matters come up in your state that you will consider writing to your state legislators to let them know of your informed opinion.

This article is provided by Ray Henke,a California lawyer, founder of Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers, and co-moderator of Bruce Ray's Biker Forum, also a member of B.O.L.T. Bikers of Lesser Tolerance, and contributor to Biker, Born to Ride and Thunder Road magazines.

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By Ray Henke, a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer ,Biker Rights Advocate and founder of Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers

Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers,California lawyer, founder of Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers, and co-moderator of Bruce & Ray's Biker Forum.

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