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Hypoglycaemia is something that many people suffer from. It is commonly seen in people that have diabetes but can also be suffered by people who do not have diabetes. This article will look at what hypoglycaemia is and how you can treat and prevent it.

What is hypoglycaemia?

Hypoglycaemia is a condition where the blood sugar levels drop below a safe level. Many people can suffer from this condition if they have not eaten for a long time and is an indication that the body is not controlling the blood sugar properly. When a person eats carbohydrates or sugars this produces sugars in the blood. Usually the body will control the distribution of this sugar and maintain a standard level. However in some people this control can get out of kilter and the blood sugar can drop too low.

There are a number of things that can cause hypoglycaemia including a reaction to insulin injections in diabetics. It can also be an indication that a person has problems with their liver. In some cases it can also be triggered by unhealthy eating habits like extreme fasting combined with exercise or eating large amounts of sugars that give the body a sugar high and then cause the blood sugar to drop too low in response to this high.

The main symptoms of hypoglycaemia include shakiness, dizziness, sleepiness, anxiety, hunger and weakness. This can also be something that people suffer from in their sleep and can cause people to cry out in their sleep as a response.

Treatment of hypoglycaemia

If you suffer from hypoglycaemia it is important to make yourself aware of the symptoms of the conditions. This means you will be able to act as soon as you feel your blood sugar beginning to drop. If this occurs then it is a good idea to drink a sugary drink like fruit juice or to have a spoonful of sugar. The amount that you need to have will vary from person to person but the effect is usually quite quick when you take on the sugar. If you have a severe condition then you should make sure people around you know so that they can help you if required.

However the best way to treat hypoglycaemia is to prevent an attack from occurring in the first place. To do this you need to get a full treatment plan in place. You plan will usually look at your diet and lifestyle and help you to make changes to control the condition. In terms of your diet it is important to reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates you take on like sweets and chocolate. It is also a good idea to swap your white bread and rice for brown bread and rice.

In addition you will want to look at the exercise you take as strenuous exercise can bring on an attack as you sweat out the sugars in your body. It is a good idea to plan your exercise carefully and decide what you can and cannot do. Another thing that can significantly affect the condition is your stress levels. For that reason it is important to take action to reduce stress in your life and hopefully reduce the occurrence of attacks. Taking up things like yoga and meditation could be a great help with managing your stress and so could be very useful in controlling your blood sugar levels.

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