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Flight simulation means experience of flying an aircraft. In aviation industry, flight simulator is used by design and development of aircraft for training both pilots and deck crew. Fight simulation is also used in civil and military aircraft. Aerospace manufactures also use flight simulator for engineering purpose like development and testing of the hardware and software. Fs is also used for the development of aircrafts system like hydraulic and flight control systems. Different categories of devices are used in the flight simulators. They are categorized into Part- Task Trainers and Cock Procedures Trainers. PTTs cover one or more aircrafts whereas CPT is for practicing drills and checks. Flight simulators also have wide angle high fidelity collimated visual systems.

Flight simulator is basically used to train in normal and emergencies operating procedures. By using simulator, pilots are able to tackle safety in aircraft also. Failures in engine or malfunction in engine failures such as hydraulics, electrics, flight instruments and so forth can be handled. For training both pilots and deck crews, replicas of aircraft and its environments is used. It includes all the motion in all six degrees of freedom. Person has to wear a seat belt like they actually do in the airplane.

Many people want to experience flying high in the air. Most of the people are scared of heights. Flying stimulation is a good alternative option which is now available in virtual games too. A simulation game gives knowledge of how to operate a plane in different parts of the world. While there are many learning activities that can contribute to a person altering or improving their knowledge, skills and attitudes, the objective of using simulation is to train a person through planned activities.

Many of the flight sim programs are now available in the market which supports the flying simulator series. This gives user a feeling of flying a real plane. Flight simulator contains scenery of every airport that you want. If you have not installed it properly the simulator will not show all the scenery that you want for the specific airports.

VATSIM means Virtual Air Traffic Control Network. Its very important in flight simulation. VATSIM is an international community for flight stimulator enthusiasts which provides stimulatory air traffic control. For that you need to surf on the internet and ask for a copy of Microsoft flight simulator. With the help of this software, you will be able to connect the most exciting flight simulation anywhere in the world. Microsoft Flight Sim provides more enhanced scenery and modern aircrafts.

Flight Simulator X covers entire world virtually. Difficulty level is increased and this game covers almost 20,000 airports. New flight simulator X is released with the added aircrafts. More powerful and new arrivals have been added such as Airbus A320, Dash-8-300, Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 777-200.

By using flight simulator you can learn how to tackle different scenarios as well technical part of the flight. Flight simulation gives minute information about the plane. So if you are thinking to touch the sky at affordable price then buy Flight simulator X games.

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