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As you have known that anal is the end of the Colon. It is the exit of all solid wastes that have been processed in the colon and rectum. Anal is the end of the digestive system that consists of colon, rectum and the anus. Colon has duty to digest all foods and absorb its nutritious materials and delivered to all parts of the body through blood stream. At the end of the colon, there is rectum. Rectum is the end of colon that adjacent to anus. In other word, anus or anal is the end of large intestine, below the rectum through which solid waste leaves the body. From outside, anal or anus is placed behind genital organ. It formed by the outer skin layers of the body and partly from the intestine. There are two ring-like muscles. These two ring-like muscles are called sphincter muscles. Its function is opening and closing the anus. When the body wants to release the solid waste, the muscles open and let the stools out of the body. When there is no solid waste to out, the ring closes the anus.

Since this part is the place to waste dangerous materials. This part is very sensitive to illness. There are many diseases that can happen here. The most common disease to anal part is tumor. As you have probably known that cancer can happen to anyone and you should contact your doctor if you experience the sign of anal tumor such as bleeding from the anus or rectum. This is the most visible sign of anal tumor. The second sign is the pain or pressure in the area around the anus. Itching or discharge from the anus is also the symptom of anal tumor. A lump near anus and a change in bowel habits are also the sign of anal tumor, if you experience one of these symptom, contact your doctor as soon as possible before it is too late. When you are seeing your doctor, there are some treatments that you will do to make sure the disease you suffer.

You will undergo physical exam and also history. You body will be checked in this test including the checking for the signs of disease such as lumps or anything that looks unusual on your anal. Your health history such as your medical record and past illness will also take into the consideration. You will also undergo Digital Rectal Examination of the anus and rectum. Your doctor will insert their finger into lower part of the rectum to feel for lumps or anything else that seems unusual. Anoscopy is another test. It uses a short, lighted tube called an anoscope. When the doctor sure that you suffered from anal cancer, you will be given medicine or even surgery.

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