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En101 offers a strong academic course of study and a real-world curriculum that prepares you for a lifetime of personal achievement and career success -- all at a price so affordable it may surprise you. In fact, En101 tops the index for value and affordability among the lowest fees in the nation for comparable programs and is widely regarded as a best value in language learning.

A membership term is 6 months or 12 months depending on the option you choose.

Proceed at Your Own Pace

En101 gives you the freedom to acquire a new language at your own pace, with the flexibility to fit language learning into your life whenever it’s convenient. All it takes is a computer and an Internet connection. You learn comfortably without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. Equally important, En101 provides the guidance you need to learn a language well with audio dialogue from native-speakers, interactive exercises, games and listening activities. You can test yourself at the end of each lesson, enabling you to focus on areas for additional reinforcement.

En101 Kids is included in every package

En101 Kids brings grammar language to life with quizzes, games and stories A learning curriculum that grows with the child's progress, and better yet, teaches at the individual level, while developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills……allowing students to enjoy themselves as they learn on their own

Give your child a head start with a positive experience of English that they will enjoy and want to continue as they get older These courses will give students the confidence to express themselves in English comfortably and effectively.

Need to learn a second language?

No matter what career you choose, if you have learned a second language you will have a real advantage. A technician who knows Russian, the head of a company that speaks Spanish, or a sales person that know Chinese can work successfully with more people and in more places than someone who knows only one language.

Why wait to experience En101 first hand? Try our free online lessons and see for yourself. Or enroll and begin learning a new language today

Speaking English increases salaries 35%
-Business Week Statistic

English Courses for the Workplace

Need English to do your job? Improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing in the workplace by taking our Business English Course.

As well as covering the major elements of English grammar and vocabulary, the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are developed within a business context.

Better English? More Opportunities!

Whatever your level of English and educational background, there is a course which will help you improve your English.

Skills are developed in areas such as presentations, negotiations, language of meetings and business correspondence (reports, business letters, e-mails).

Why wait to experience En101 first hand? Try our free online lessons and see for yourself. Or enroll and begin learning a new language today

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