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Stress and anger are natural experiences. While incidents of stress and anger can elevate to unhealthy levels that can cause serious effects, certain amounts of the emotions can make us feel vibrant and engaged. On the other hand, when we experience high levels of stress or anger, both conditions can have negative physical and psychological effects that can dominate our personalities and change our behavior.

The more we know about stress and anger and our ability to manage acceptable levels of both conditions, the safer we are and the more rewarding our relationships with family members, friends and co-workers can be. Conversely, when stress and anger levels exceed manageable levels, our physical and psychological systems begin to break down.

Anger is a compounding symptom of stress. The more stress we feel, the angrier we are capable of becoming. Soon, our inability to control our anger leads to heightened anxiety, which generates feelings of guilt. An emotional chain reaction ensues.

When stress is not decreased or treated, we become less tolerant and the incidents of anger and frustration will continue to heighten. Learning to manage and control stress and anger teaches us a lot about the conditions and about ourselves and can reap big health and emotional benefits. Stress and anger management necessitate a realistic look at out lifestyle and life choices. It is very possible that we will need to implement changes at home and at work to create a more positive environment.

For each of us, the trigger points for stress and anger are different. Events that trigger stress in one person can seem inconsequential to others. While there are excellent programs to manage stress and anger, each individual must identify the triggers that cause the conditions. In that manner, we can learn how to reduce exposure and control the risk.

Stress and anger can adversely affect the quality of our lives, our careers, academic performance and our relationships. By strategically addressing each condition, we can take control of our lives and our behavior. Learning to manage stress and anger begins by acknowledging the existence of both conditions. Stress and anger management counseling teaches us to identify the causes, identify the symptoms, how to take preventive measures to counter the conditions while identifying the risks of untreated conditions and teaching us how to manage our emotions and our environment.

Anger and stress management programs often include several therapies including individual and group counseling, a variety of holistic therapies, dietary awareness and, in some cases, medication therapy. Effective anger and stress management involves a thorough and comprehensive approach to treatment.

Some of the benefits of these treatment programs are:

- Individuals learn to take control of the behavior
- Development of impulse control and improved judgment
- Improved communication skills
- Reduction of instances of aggression
- Expanded social awareness
- Gain skills and strategies to manage anger and control stress
- Reduced conflict
- Recognize symptom of stress and anger before they escalate

The causes of stress and anger can originate from either internal or external sources. Unfortunately, individuals learn to accept high levels of stress and anger and even come to expect the conditions. This quickly affects our personalities and changes the relationships around us. Before stress and anger take over our lives, we need to address the conditions and take back our lives.

The effects of the conditions influence out heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline levels. These accelerated levels negatively impact other physical and psychological systems. Soon, we find ourselves on a one-way street headed for a danger zone. Take action and learn more about stress and anger management programs before they take control of your life, career and relationships.

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