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Have you ever asked yourself, there's got to be a better way, at making some money on the ineternet?
Well, I don't know about you, but I have....only a thousand times! Then one day I stumbled upon, this opportunity
to earn some extra cash on the net! It's called paid to surf, or auto surfing for cash, or surf the web for cash!

Now at first I thought this whole thing was B#$@%$#^, becasue I heard it all before. I'm pretty sure you
have too. so anyway, after some through investigation, of this company! I pursued it. I told my
wife that I was going to refinace our home, and dump, 20,000 thousand dollars into it, because I wanted to make
a certain amout of money!

Well needless to say, she cursed me out from head to toe, and told me if I took any of our savings, she would kill
me in my sleep!

She also said that if she suspected any type of foul play with our MONEY, she would have me tared feather, and hand cuffed
to back of our of 98 FORD PICK UP TRUCK,& drag me down the highway until there was nothing left of me! (Ouch)

I mean it got AUGLY! I won't say anything else about the verbal abuse I took that day! So any how, I decided to just try
a measly 200.00 bucks, just to see, what would happen.

Well to my surprise I made money back, and I'm in the Green $$$ for once. I even could look my wife in the face and say, now
I'm going to put you on the back of our 98 FORD PICK UP TRUCK, and drag you down the highway, until theres nothing left.

Ok folks now that I've got that part of this story off my chest, let's get down to serious business. Getting paid to surf the
internet for cash, is a great way, to make money! I'll give you my reasons why:

Low start up
Work when you want
No recruiting at all
Get paid to look at websites everday
No bosses
No Qutas

Just surf everyday. That's what I love about the whole deal! Let me explain something. You see advertisers need viewers!
That's you and me! Advertisers also need to sell there services and goods! Big corperations also have a huge advertising budget to spend everymonth!

So with that being said they will give us money just to look at there websites/ads everyday! If you buy something, that's great for them! It was probaly something
you were going to buy anyway. Or if you don'that's fine as well. Any way you look at it, the advertisers need consumers. So what they have done is found a way of
paying consumers to view there ads. This is an incentive to get traffic to there advertisments......

This also helps the advertisers track there productivity, if anything was sold. So this is money advertisers were going to spend anyway. Well when we
participate we get paid commisions, and other incentives, to look at there websites. Now there are a few companys out there, that offer this opportunity.

The one I will talk about today is iNet Global! This company has been in business for the last 11 years providing web traffic to there advertisers!
What they offer is

Blogging services
auto responders
site build it services
domain name services
website traffic services
ppc services

and so much more! They even have there own search engine! In addition to that, they have there own surf platform! Heres where the big Bucks come rolling in!
How you get started, is you sign up as a consultant, and I'll tell you why in a minute! You sign up with iNet Global. You buy, what's called ad-pacs, this
simply means advertising packages.

This does two things for you. It allows you to earn money on your ad pacs, just think of them as stocks in a company. The second thing the ad-pacs does is
allow you to advertise your own products and services! Sale your items at price, and profit it from it!

You see advertising is a billion dollar industry. It is a recession proof industry! When you turn on your televison at night, or surf the web
you still see company's, people, and big corperations, still marketing there services and products! It's now, and now only that this opportunity is
availiable for people to work from home, making a great living watching ads! paid to surf sites

Resource Box:
Doniel is an internet marketer in South Florida who use the power of the internet to make money from home and teaches other people how to copy cat his success. If you would like to find out how to make more money 1 month than most people do in 1 year please visit get paid to surf internet, get paid to surf web, and paid to surf sites please visit our website.

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