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NCC Group Limited was formed in June 1999. The senior management team was strengthened in March 2000 by the appointment of Rob Cotton as Finance Director, who subsequently assumed responsibility for the Escrow USA solutions division in July 2000. Under Rob Cotton’s leadership the Escrow US Solutions division grew rapidly, becoming the Group’s principal activity and the major source of both revenues and profits.
NCC Group, Inc., the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Risk Management solutions with a holistic 360º approach, offers unified service programs addressing Intellectual Property Protection with software Escrow, IT Assurance with Verification and Validation Testing, Security Testing for Applications, Networks, and Databases, Secure Access with Secure Discovery for Intellectual Property Litigation and Secure Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions.
As a trusted advisor, NCC Group supports over 45,000 customers worldwide, to maximize the return on their information technology investments while managing the associated risks. NCC Group works with industry leaders, including 92 out of the Fortune 100, as well as up and coming entrepreneurs.
With no commercial ties or relationships to hardware or software providers, we offer unbiased and impartial advice. We focus on developing intelligent and innovative solutions to real business issues and building lasting partnerships through our comprehensive portfolio of IP Protection, IT Assurance, and Secure Access services.
NCC Group USA is designed to be clear, easy to understand, easy to use, and unsurpassed in security. Compare our terms and procedures with any other and you’ll find has the clearest terms and conditions, and absolutely the lowest cost while providing the highest level of real client service and protection.
Information about an industry or rival creates competitive advantage, while information about a deal or contract increases bargaining power. Information creates asymmetry: one party has insight the other party lacks. In law and business, favorable information asymmetries mean more money — lower costs, better terms, higher profits. Unfavorable asymmetries portend lower profits… or worse. The NCC Group’s Intelligence products create transparency, empowering clients with extraordinary competitive insight.
We are an independent Escrow USA company licensed by the Department of Corporations for the State of America, which means that we are NOT affiliated with any title company, lender, or real estate brokerage. So when it comes time to choose an Escrow US company, remember the definition of escrow is a "neutral third party"! We will remain impartial throughout the escrow process and will ensure that all mutually agreed on instructions have been complied with prior to closing.
Overall NCC Group remains well on track to deliver another strong year, in line with market expectations, which positions the Group well for continued long term, sustained growth.

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