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If you are one of the millions of people that suffer pain in your feet every time you walk or run, you may be able to find a solution by scheduling an appointment with your podiatrist. In many cases, your feet may not be properly balanced and certain parts of your foot may be bearing a disproportionate amount of weight. By inserting a customized orthotic into your shoe, your podiatrist can remedy the uneven distribution of weight in your foot and help you get rid of nagging pain.

How Do Orthotics Work?

The human bone is extremely complex. There are 26 bones that combine with various muscles and tendons to support your entire body weight. During running and exercise especially, your feet act as both shock absorbers and support for your body. Over the course of many years, this stress on your feet can begin to build up. Especially if your feet do not evenly distribute your weight, this can lead to intense foot pain that can keep you from being active. Many people do not seek treatment for this pain, but seeing a podiatrist to prescribe treatment can make a dramatic difference in reducing your pain.

Orthotics fit into your shoes and correct any issues with how your feet distribute weight. Every person's individual foot is different, but shoes are not designed with your foot in mind specifically. Many people have high arches or flat feet that do not fit well in most shoes. Orthotics are able to correct this problem. By removing stress and pressure on certain areas of your foot, orthotics can eliminate much of your pain.

How Your Podiatrist Can Help

Many people make the mistake of not seeing a podiatrist when they are having problems with their feet. For some, their feet are not important enough to see a doctor about. This line of thinking is very problematic. Feet are an essential part of the body that can create problems for your hips, knees and back if they are not properly cared for. As they are responsible for supporting your entire body weight, feet must be taken care of to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Once you go in to see your podiatrist, he or she will be able to analyze your foot and see what the cause of your pain is. In many cases, your podiatrist will be able to prescribe orthotics that fit in your shoes and relieve much of your pain. By digitally scanning your feet, your podiatrist will be able to get a detailed image of your foot and how it distributes your weight. Using this image, he or she will create an orthotic that is specifically designed for your foot. This is a superior option to an over the counter orthotic because it is specifically designed for your foot.

To learn more about orthotics or to schedule an appointment, contact your Wilmette podiatrist today.

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Dr. Gary Rogers, Wilmette podiatrist, has been practicing podiatry since graduating from the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine in 1993. Dr. Rogers can effectively offer treatment for forefoot and rearfoot injuries such as: plantar fasciitis-heel pain, ankle sprains, and fungal removal in Wilmette, among other foot and ankle concerns.

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