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Whether caused by a sudden blow to the face or years of decay and neglect, losing a tooth can be a very serious and stressful event in your life. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to realize that modern dental techniques will be able to replace your missing tooth and that you should not panic. Your dentist today has several different options at his or her disposal to effectively replace your missing tooth. If you are in need of a tooth replacement procedure, don't hesitate to see your Albuquerque dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Implants

The most permanent tooth replacement you have is to have your dentist install a dental implant. A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is directly installed in the bone socket of your missing tooth and attached to your jawbone. Once installed, the implant will act as an anchor for a replacement crown. After putting in the implant, you will need to wait between six and twelve weeks for your gums to heal around the implant. Once the healing process is completed, your dentist will attach a small connector post to the implant and then fasten the crown to the connector post. Once an implant is installed, it can last for as long as 25 years or in some cases an entire lifetime.

Dental Bridges

Another popular method for replacing a missing tooth is to use a dental bridge. A bridge is made up of an artificial replacement tooth that is held in place on either side by dental crowns. To install a bridge, your dentist will begin by filing down the two teeth that will receive crowns. After taking an impression and sending it to a dental lab, your dentist will provide you with a temporary bridge to wear for a few weeks. Once the permanent bridge arrives from the lab, your dentist will do a final check to make sure the fit and coloring are correct. If they are, he or she will then permanently attach the bridge in your mouth. Once a bridge is attached, it will last for about 15 years and in some cases even longer.


If you have lost most or all of your teeth, your dentist will most likely recommend that you get fitted for a set of dentures. If you have lost only some of your teeth, he or she will most likely provide you with a set of partial dentures. These use a combination of your real teeth and artificial dentures to repair your smile. If you have lost all or almost all of your teeth, he or she will probably provide you with a complete set of removable dentures. You will wear them during the day and remove them to clean at night. Once your dentures are created, they will provide you with a very natural tooth appearance and no one will be able to tell that your teeth are not your own.

To learn more about your options to replace missing teeth or to schedule an appointment, contact your dentist in Albuquerque today.

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Dr. Greg McAllister, cosmetic dentist in Albuquerque, is a Maryland native and graduated from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland at Baltimore in 1989. Dr. McAllister provides an array of services including, but not limited to, CEREC, dentures and Albuquerque crowns.

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