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One way to ensure that you have repeat business is to make use of email newsletters to stay in touch with customers. This is a great way to keep customers informed of new products and sales, or to just remind them on occasion that you are still out there prepared to serve.

Email newsletters are very convenient because they allow customers easier options when it comes to reading and receiving the information. If your customers are not busy when your newsletter arrives, it will give them something to do; it can be a welcome diversion. Customers who may be too busy can either save the newsletter for later or just delete it. Plus, every email newsletter should come with an unsubscribe option that is easy to use and keeps you from having to constantly update your list.

Email newsletters are much more cost effective than printed matter. With email, you don't have to worry about printing or paper costs, envelopes or stamps. You just have to make a one time investment when you buy the mailing software. Thereafter your newsletters will be sent automatically every period at the cost of a phone call.

Writing your newsletter can be easy to do. You should keep your newsletters short, no more than a page and a half to two pages, so it is not time consuming. It is also possible to hire professional writers to take care of your newsletter. This frees up more time for you, and most newsletter writers will do so for a reasonable fee. The benefits usually more than pay for hiring a professional.

There is no need to send newsletters all the time. Once a month is usually more than plenty. Most companies that send email newsletters to their customers do so quarterly, with one or two "special" newsletters at different times to highlight exceptional deals or new programs.

Whether your email newsletter content is business related or includes features on budgeting or gardening, make it useful and interesting to read. The key is to provide useful and helpful topics of interest to your customers. You can always write about issues that are grabbing the headlines in the media that relate to your business, or touch your customers' lives.

Although not necessary, you might want to design your email newsletter using an HTML format. An HTML document will open in most types of mail programs, and will retain the same formatting as the original. In addition, an HTML format allows you to manipulate graphics and fonts. On the down side though, HTML documents tend to be large, are prone to virus attacks and cannot be opened by some email programmes. Fortunately, most mailing software offer several options on the type of format you can use for your newsletter.

Creating email newsletters to stay in touch with your clients is a good marketing move. It keeps your customers informed of new products and deals, and it can help them feel as though they are part of a community rather than "just" a customer.

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