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News about the electric scooters will soon be banned from using the footpaths in Singapore and the penalty can be up to S$2,000 plus a jail terms up to 3 months when strict enforcement take place in 2020. What does that means for those e-scooters? These e-scooters will not be able to ride on the roads but allow to use in cycling paths as well as the park connector networks.

From 5 Nov 2019 till 31 Dec 2019, any of the errant riders will be given strict warnings as to allow them to adjust this new ruling. This means that from 1st Jan 2020, strict enforcement will be carried out for all those who are caught on footpaths will be liable to pay a penalty up to S$2,000 and /or jail terms up to 3 months according to the Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min.

The construction of dedicated cycling paths where it allows e-scooters to be used like areas in Woodlands, Toa Payoh and Choa Chu Kang up to 750 km to be completed by 2025. With such arrangement of providing a clear path between pedestrians and e-scooters will be an ideal condition. The UL2272 standard is set as a safety requirements for the electrial drive train system of PMDs that includes battery system.

Source from CNA

The implementation of insurance for PMD users are slowly picking up since 2016. With this new regulations such as mandatory registration of electric scooters as accidents involving PMDs are rising, riders are taking up these insurances. Currently the premiums coverage per year ranging from S$65 to S$96 against injuries, permanent disabilities or accidental death for using the PMD in Singapore.

With the implementation of the new regulations, LTA step up to increase the number of mobility enforcement officers to 200 by the end of this year said by Dr Lam. Discussion of the third party liability insurance by Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah, the authorities are currently working out with insurers to review if premiums for policies can be lowered as to encourage more riders to sign up.

Read more about the e-scooters to be banned from 5 November 2019 on footpaths.

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