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For my mum's birthday, we were searching for a place where we could celebrate and found online Orchid Live Seafood reviewed by Food King as a place to enjoy the signature dish of Lobster's Porridge. It sounded to be mouth-watering dish and a must try since we were celebrating for mum's birthday. We had made a booking at 1 Bah Soon Pah Rd just in case the place being fully booked since this dish sounded to be great. We went there on a Saturday and only one other table was occupied. We were glad as it wasn't crowded and could mean that our meals might be much better.

We decided to order the Saver Menu as it had those dishes that we liked to try. Within the next 2 minutes, our first dish arrived. It was the mixed vegetable. We all gave it a test but found that this was just an ordinary taste which you could get from the hawker centre. It wasn't fantastic as we hoped it to be though.

After about another minute or so, the next dish came. It was the Steven Chicken dish. First impression was it definitely looked crispy with seasame seeds sprinkled on top. We all started to grab a piece to taste it. To our surprise, it turned out to be quite tasty and nice. Well, this dish deserved a 4 out of 5 stars rating from us. It could be said as much better taste than what you get from the zhi char center. At least now we were a little happier to expect much better dishes to roll out from the menu.

Finally in another minute or so, the main attraction dish of Lobster's Porridge was on our table. This was the star dish we were all expecting and it looked quite delicious. We were all served with a small bowl of the porridge. Everyone took the first taste from the spoon provided and our faces shown disappointment. Much to our surprises, the porridge itself wasn't even tasty as it was bland. We read about how tasty and nice about this signature dish but unfortunately, it turned out to be a big disappointment. We really wondered why it turned out to be bland. Our rating will definitely be 2 out of 5 stars.

Next on the menu was the Topshell Crispy Toufu and came quite fast after the Lobster's Porridge. The presentation was quite nice but it seemed to be overwhelmed with onions with very little topshell. Well, we kind of expecting some form of nice juicy taste and after each of us got a bite, it was just another ordinary dish like the hawker center. Guess one cannot expect much from this dish itself as it was nothing spectacular about the taste.

The very last dish was the Live Patin Fish. Overall appearance was quite nice and we were kind of eager to taste it. Each of us got a part of the fish meat and tasted it. Well, the meat wasn't tasty like what we expected it to be and again turned out to be yet another disppointment. So it seemed to us that the only dish that kind of surprise us was the Steven Chicken. Other than that, we were really disappointment with all other dishes. If we were to rate for overall the experience of these dishes, we would give only 2 out of 5 stars. And if asked whether or not we would give it another try in future, it would be unlikely as it did not even meet our least expectation even though it had good rating from Food King. Well, guess it is like the saying goes: One man's meat is another man's poison. So it might be tasty for others but not for us though. You can share your views if you have tried it.

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Elliptical Machines Price

It is a common knowledge that when you are actually saving money will be like you are getting the best quality product you are making a purchased. As in certain situation that it can be true but when you are thinking of elliptical machines, you aware that the prices are drastic in range though it may not be the best choice in choosing the cheapest one even it can save some money.

As you may not know that certain things are definitely worth its cost but not always true as in other instances you might not really get what you are actually paying for and it does not mean you are getting the best out of it. As you know that elliptical machines are simply awesome to possess for your house but it can also mean that you are getting burnt in your wallet since it can be very expensive to purchase. Therefore, it will be best if you can actually make some form of research online for different price ranges of those elliptical machines. It is advisable not to jump into making a purchase for the first one you may have your eye on as it can end up a big mistake of tons of reasons.

At the same time, it can be confusing when comes to choosing the elliptical machines as you may not really know for certain as which type of machines can actually provide you with the best benefits and effectiveness. This will be one of the reasons for doing some of your own research which maybe the best decision you ever think of. Understanding of what you are actually shopping for by having some knowledge of it uses and all the necessary stuffs you need to be aware of as it will definitely save you some of those stress plus frustration when you need to make a choice end of the day.

To decide what to buy can always of tough choice as when it is something that can be quite costly which is unlike for those inexpensive items you buy on daily basis. As you know that internet will be the best choice to do your search of information when it comes to looking for an elliptical machines to find the different types, functions and all the different prices for them. A good idea will be giving yourself additional money to be purchasing a better quality elliptical machine though it can be quite a bit of financially huge.

Nevertheless, it is definitely well worth the cost since what you pay for your elliptical machine will be something you will be using for at least quite a long while plus the benefits you gain with it. As you are aware that using elliptical machine will definitely be one of the best way of getting your body in shape especially for those who are thinking of going for vacation or planning to have fun time during the summer.

Having an elliptical machine is actually giving you the opportunity of getting your whole body workout that you ever wanted to build a healthy body in a long while. It is best to be able to use them appropriately is vital to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge of the machine to gain all the right benefits since you are likely to train with it regularly.

It will be nice to enjoy your time with the elliptical machine but should you not be able to afford buying it for the time being, then please do not force yourself too much in trying to make the purchase until you have the extra money to buy it. Time to save up your cash to get the elliptical machine that will eventually help you to get in your best shape and a healthier lifestyle.

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Feng Shui 2020 Rat Flying Stars

Another new lunar New Year 2020 is approaching on 25th of January where the Flying Stars changes for Yang Metal Rat 2020. Ask yourself this question - Are you prepared to welcome year of the Rat 2020?

According to the Hsia Calendar, you can prepare to welcome the year of the Rat 2020 Feng Shui on 25th of January which marks the end of the Pig year 2019. The basic things you need to know and prepare for are:
1. Grand Duke (also known as Tai Sui)
2. 5 Yellow
3. Sui Po
4. 3 Killings
5. illness Star 2
6. Quarelsome Star 3

These are the areas you will need to take precautions as not to activate or aggravate in avoid harms and dangers. If this area is unavoided then you will need to make necessary cures and preventive measures as to avert those negative energy that will create havocs in your life for 2020. Nevertheless, there will also be good positive energies in the house where you can tap on to gain benefits of wealth, health and good fortune. Learn and prepare what you need to do as we move forward into a new year of 2020.

Feng Shui 2020 Yang Metal Rat Flying Stars guides you through a smooth sailing year without causing any havocs or bad effects and gain good fortune, wealth and health throughout the year.

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