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What do you know about birth control? Let us discuss the history of birth control and how it came about. It is understandable that many young women are trying to avoid getting pregnant by using the birth control pills but it also stirring up some kinds of concern as well. One of the main reasons for this concern will be that the birth control pills will have some sort of side effect when use. One example is that women who used the birth control pills are starting to gain weight. Therefore, those women who are actually using this birth control pill to avoid getting pregnancy will not like the idea of gaining weight for taking it.

If from the use of such pills are causing them to gain weight then they will likely to start looking at other options to prevent pregnancy. However, this birth control pills do not have this side effect on everyone. There are cases where women used this pill, they are not gaining any weight for them. So, as for those women are affected by weight gain, they have other options of birth control they can actually apply for themselves. One of the ways will be trying out the natural way or using what we call as the rhythm method. This kind method will be having the partners to be involved in sexual activities only at the period of time when the female is not fertile like after their menstruation period.

Another method will be to inject and insert into the women's genitals which also will have the same type of result like consuming the pills. One of the popular methods being used will having the use of condoms. With the current production of condoms, both males and females can used it for their private parts. As you may know that the oldest form of birth control can be the sexual abstinence. But other consideration about this, the withdrawal effect would be considered as one. It is called as the coitus interruptus which simply means that the male will need to pull out his penis from the woman's genital right before his ejaculation of the sperms. As such, this will help to prevent the male to transmit the sperms into the female that will likely to cause pregnancy. As such of using this method, it will actually require a lot of self restraint on the male partner.

During the olden days in Egypt, those Egyptian women have used suppository for their private parts. What this is term as pessary for the method use. It does contain oil and other type of lubricants that will actually kill all active sperms during the time of sexual activities with her male partner. In the modern days, now the female using the condoms will be those cervical cap being applied. This is kind of similar to the oiled paper used for Asian women and the Europeans are using those beeswax. As far as we know, the condom was invented during the 17th century and during that time when it first came out, the demand or popularity wasn't as good as the current time. The main purpose is not just to avoid the female partner to get pregnant but also at the same time help to avoid getting those sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis or VD.

In the history of us human beings in life, we do know about the various abortifaicents that are used in application. As we do understand that the effective of it varies and some of those proven methods do have a lot of those side effects in return. As Science technology advancing, it is said that herbal medium had been used as contraceptive method. At the time around the 20th century, the use of the natural way or the rhythm method was applied to reduce the risk of having pregnancy. Up till now, it is still being used as a preventive measure since it is just as effective as any of those birth control pills without any side effects. However this method of preventive measure will require a lot of control from the male partner to ensure that he can withdraw at the right moment before ejaculation.

As we understand in the 60's, FDA had given the approval of using pill for birth control. It was up till 1972 then these birth control pills were made available for married couples as well as singles who had reached the age of 21 as part of the 26th Amendment Act. As you can see the history of birth control from the past till the present for its popularity as a preventive measures to avoid pregnancy. Even though females who do understand the risk of gaining weight, they are still willing to take their chances since they do not want to risk of getting pregnant during sexual activities.

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Know About Meditation

There are various methods of learning the relaxation techniques to aid you in pursuit of relaxation and help to reduce the stress of work. But do you know that relaxation is not just the part of having a peace of mind or having an enjoyable hobby to entertain. To learn the skill of relaxation will be a process of helping you to reduce the amount of wear and tear in your life in terms of your mind and body sort of challenge. Whether or not you may have faced alot of challenge of stress in life or having it under control to gain the benefit through learning this relaxation techniques. Using meditation as a form of relaxation technique can be quite simple.

Let us start exploring these sort of relaxation techniques and begin your journey of de-stressing your life and making a change in your health status.

Around the world, there are numerous source of stress one may face daily. There is a saying that states no need to find for trouble because trouble will eventually search for you in the end. It is understandable that all of us having our troubles and worries together with those stresses since most of us can hardly have the time to relax. Should you be having anxiety in life and how you wish that you can actually ease those anxious moods you face and have time to feel relax.

There are solution for using relaxation techniques that require a little of your time and yet effective in helping you to de-stress even when you are at work.

Should you find the perfect relaxation techniques, it will be a great fortune to share it with others online. With this said, there are actually a great deals of ideas and you can find them being published in many different places and yet unfortunately there is no one able to find it. We do understand that people around the world are getting to be more stressful as time passess by. Eventually, many people had tried various methods of relaxation techniques but yet nothing proves to be effective.

It is understandable that there will be various stuff you may be able to try but it is likely that you will take a period of time before you can actually find one that really works for you.

One of the methods will be performing breathing technique can end up therapeutic and doing enough practice it will be sort of your standard to achieve the right way of breathing. The right method to breath will be having your breathe with your diaphragm which means you breath in the air into your lungs by expanding your stomach instead of your chest.

This method of breathing will simply be slowly getting the air into your lungs to allow it to absorb the oxygen in the blood stream as you relax your body at the same time. In order to perform this comfortably, it will good to wear loose pants without belts or skirts not tight as it may interfere with the ability of bringing air in your lungs. One of the old fashioned method will be using a paper bag to breath in slowly as it helps your relaxation and allow proper breathing. Yet another different version of relaxation technique will be having a deep and yet slow breathing. In the beginning, you might find it hard to force yourself to breath slowly but with hard work and persistence, you will soon be able to achieve.

It is understandable that some people have psychological barrier and history of being abuse will have a sort of experience in emotional discomfort while doing this sort of relaxation techniques. Even though this may be sort of rare but if you are experiencing the emotional discomfort during the exercises then stop what you are doing and consult a health care professional instead. As we do know that some relaxation techniques work for some people and yet others might not be though. It will be a great idea to take note of them and move through the list as you practice it. This maybe one way to help you finding the right relaxation techniques that will be suitable for your lifestyle.

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