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Everyone knows about Feng Shui and what it means. But sadly that not many people know about its application of concept and how to use it for your own personal advantage. Feng Shui can be applied without having to pay a huge sum of money as you can do simple concept application that can help you a little at a time. So you don't really need to spend a fortune to use Feng Shui and help to change your destiny. Simple application with the right concept can make a difference in life. So, what will it be for the simple concept that you can apply with Feng Shui?

1. Find out your personal Kua Number. This can be easily calculated based on your personal date of birth using the formula. If you are lazy to do your own calculation then you can simply make use of the Kua Number Calculator which will shown after you have input your date of birth. Simple as that to show your personal Kua number. But using the Kua calculator will not just show your Kua Number, instead it will tell you more about your Group, 4 Good Directions, 4 Bad Directions and more. You will know what you need to do with these information given by the Kua calculator and how you can apply them in your daily life for the 4 good directions. Apply them and start to see the effect of Feng Shui today.

2. Plot your house using the Flying Stars Chart. With this application, you will learn about the different sectors of your home and where it will be good to place your wealth vase or water feature to collect or accumulate your wealth. Also with each sector defined by the numbers will allow you to know what to apply for your furniture, chairs, colors of the room, etc. The numbers refer to the each star.
1> Authority Star 1
2> illness Star 2
3> Quarrelsome Star 3
4> Relationship Star 4
5> Yellow Star 5
6> Wealth Star 6
7> Violent Star 7
8> Lucky Star 8
9> Future Star 9

Know the right Star on each sector using the right application to where you sleep, eating, entertainment, etc. You will gain the positive Qi in each sector with the activation to enhance each effect while unfavorable sectors remain untouch. That way, you will know the sectors to activate for wealth, health and good fortune while not activating those bad sectors to avert accidents, health issue, problems, etc.

3. Know your own personal Bazi (4 pillars). You can manually plot your own chart for Bazi which will be kind of tedious as you require to refer manual charts from various books. Or you can simply use the Bazi calculator which will plot out your chart after you input details of your birth date including the time of birth for accurate reading. With Bazi chart in hand, it tells your whole future including from the time of your birth till you depart from this world. You will know your own 5 elements and what you are missing from the element. Also you will know whether you are strong or weak for your birth element. Knowing what you are lack of in the element, you will be able to find a solution to help yourself with replacement. It also tell the 10 years cycle of your life since birth. Knowing this, you can learn more about applying solution to help yourself in your career or business and when to avoid doing things that may cause your injury.

With knowledge of these 3 things, it will help you to change your own destiny of life.

You can get these 3 things @ Feng Shui Tools

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