Unmanned Drones Delivery in Singapore

COVID-19 pandemic has taken a big hit for everyone in the world and Singapore started the very first drone delivery service on 19 April 2020 by delivering vitamins to a ship as to minimize human contact during the Circuit Breaker. At such time of crisis, we need to embrace such innovative invention of technology to help tackling the manpower shortage with the use of drones for services.

The delivery of 2 Kgs of vitamins by the drone to a ship owned by Eastern Pacific Shipping. The journey itself was just over 2.7 km and lasted for seven minutes to reach the destination. This method of delivery is definitely one of the most environmentally friendly for the use of unmanned drones and saving cost as well.

Another method of meal deliveries is launched by Singapore transport operator ComfortDelGro with a fleet of 10,000 taxis. This is to help taxi drivers to have an additional source of income during the Circuit Breaker period of Stay At Home’s notice for non-essential people.

We understand that there has been increasing of phone fraud in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic and one has to be more careful and not to be a victim of such scam. Also there has been increasing reports of faking news which must not be taken seriously. We must read for reliable sources like the Government websites and other credible sites. Please safeguard yourself and loved ones by reading the right information regarding the current COVID-19 situation.

Once again, I personally like to remind people that we must be UNITED as one people in order to fight against this pandemic. This cannot be done alone or handful of people. It needs to be everyone of us in order to win the battle against COVID-19 pandemic. Let us remember the basic rules in order to help ourselves and loved ones to be safe.

  1. Stay isolated or quarantine for 1 month at the same time for the whole country.
  2. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of any virus on your hands.
  3. Do not use your hands to touch your face like eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed it.
  4. Wear masks when you are in public places and keep social distancing as well.
  5. If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue or elbow to conceal it.
  6. If you are having a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask and consult a doctor immediately.
  7. Download the contact tracing software in Singapore so that it helps to reduce the unknown sources and also keep you inform if you happen to be in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19.

Help yourself as you can help others to avoid be infected. Every action you take to help in preventing the spread, will eventually end the danger of COVID-19 pandemic. Let us be UNITED against this virus so everyone of us can get back to our normal routine again. The sooner we cooperate and do the right thing, then life will get easier and safer for all loved ones.

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Ah Chan Thai amulet

Ah Chan Thai amulet

One needs to have faith & beliefs in order for your personal Thai amulet that you are wearing around your neck to fulfill your prayers. With true faith as you make prayers daily, you will receive its guidance and blessings. With the knowledge of getting protection and blessing with your personal amulet, you will be guided in the path to enlightenment. Always bear in mind that when you possess your amulet, you will need to think positively and doing all forms of good deeds in your life as you want a better life in your own journey. Do it with your heart and you will be blessed in return.

Understand more about Karma & Merits in life. Also know that when you are doing good deeds, it is from your heart without any form of expectation in your mind. That is what we believe in when offering help to others without any returns. Once you are able to know about Karma & Merits and the blessing you can receive with your amulet, you are ready for your guided journey in life that will be changed forever.

So, now the question will be are you fated to own this amulet?

All orders of Thai amulets will be delayed due to the COVID-19 situation. Please be patient as we will process the order once the situation is better. Thank you for your kind understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please do download the contact tracing app for those who are in Singapore as it helps to find out those unknown sources that maybe infected in public. Thank you for doing your part as to eliminate the COVID-19.

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Australia using COVIDSafe app

It had been announced that Australia’s COVIDSafe for contact tracing app already has more than a million downloads after launching a few hours. This app is based on Singapore’s TraceTogether which has been modified to suit them. Their version of this COVIDSafe will be having the devices to do the connection if one is within 5 feet from each other and notification to users if they are in contact for more than 15 minutes with an infected person. It has the similar feature as the app does not collect location data and the person infected has to consent for data sharing.

The app for COVIDSafe will only be accessible by State Health authorities where data are being stored in Australia. Similarly to Singapore’s TraceTogether app, it will log the contact and then encrypt it. The health minister had said that this information will not be shared even with a court order except for the health authorities.

The government made the statement that all data would be wiped after 21 days or when the app is deleted from the phone. Nevertheless, social distancing is still vital when comes to preventing further human to human transmission.

Bottom line is that no matter how good the strategy in place, we need to be cooperative as to safeguard ourselves against COVID-19. Bear in mind that isolation will definitely be the best solution for the time being till the virus die off. We need to help one another to fight against this virus by not allowing it to transmit human to human by quarantine or isolation from public places.

If not possible, social distancing and wearing masks will be essentials and having the contact tracing app will help to know the unknown sources you may come in contact with. Please help yourself and loved ones with all the necessary preventive measures so we can get back to our normal routine.

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