Stop COVID-19 pandemic

Can we stop COVID-19 pandemic?

As the number of COVID-19 cases are still rising in certain countries while others are easing down on restrictions, we sincerely hope that people will not disregard the danger of this virus that is still lurking among us. It is yet to end since there is no vaccine cure is produced. So, please DO NOT be complacent as you still require to be vigilant against getting infected by it.

Our chances of survival through this ordeal depends on human’s thought.

This means that you will need to abide the simple guideline that has been imposed by Government agencies which means wearing masks in public while doing the social distancing from one another. This is very important as to safeguard yourself & others to avoid human to human transmission. Other than that, you need to remember that washing hands with soap frequently will help to prevent the virus from your hands spreading the infection if you touch your nose, mouth and eyes. That is where the virus will get into your body and you having this infection. Take all necessary precautions without being complacent about it. You need to protect yourself as well as those around you especially your loved ones.

Why is this virus still spreading even though it is made known as how it can be transmitted?

Guess the simple and logic reason is that out of 100% population around the world, we think only around 80% people are doing what is right as to prevent the spreading while the rest of the 20% simply ignore such warning of danger. It is always the case for some human beings to think that way as they might feel that it is none of their concerns since they are not infected or presume to be free from infection. While some are not getting the right source of information about it as well as some are simply resisting the restriction against their freedom. We just hope that the day will come when 100% of the population will think alike and do what is best for all human beings.

For once, please be a human being.

Just remember that we are all basically HUMANS though we are separated in the forms of races & religions. We are still the same people regardless of our skin colors. Please think as a human being and allow yourself to abide simple rules and guideline as we move forward to fight against this deadly virus. Only through the cooperation of 100% population in the world, this will be able to end without having further death occurring worldwide.

Will we be able to have 100% cooperation worldwide?

Very unlikely! Reading the news daily and we can see that there will always be resistance by a certain percentage of people to disagree of doing the right thing. They will feel that they have the right of not doing it as it is their freedom of doing so if it may cause death. This is a kind of mindset that may be in some people’s thought but we still have hope that people can change if they give themselves a little more time and thoughts! It will likely be a very slow process and as long as there is a light of hope, we will emerge victory against this virus.

What should we do?

For all who are ready for fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, should continue to be more vigilant and not complacent by doing the right thing. This simply means continuing to wear masks and social distancing in public. Washing of hands with soap as frequent as possible and not touching your eyes, nose and mouth before washing your hands. Do the right thing for yourself and others to avoid further transmission. As long as the majority of us are doing the right thing, we might be able to persuade those who are not to also follow our examples. We might have hope to influence those who are against doing the right thing. We always believe if there is a will, there is a way!

Here are simple guideline that can help to fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay isolated or quarantine for 1 month at the same time for the whole country.

Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of any virus on your hands.

Do not use your hands to touch your face like eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed it.

Wear masks when you are in public places and keep social distancing as well.

If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue or elbow to conceal it.

If you are having a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask and consult a doctor immediately.

Download the contact tracing software in Singapore so that it helps to reduce the unknown sources and also keep you inform if you happen to be in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19.

QR code to download for contact tracing in Singapore

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