Singapore can do like New Zealand

Today’s report showing 7,458,646 cases of infection worldwide and 419,020 death rates as of this morning. It is very sad to read about this as you see that the infections & death rates are still increasing by the day itself. We need to have stricter enforcement to ensure that the simple guideline has to be followed otherwise we will never see an end to this spread of virus.

Please be advice that the only current cure to prevent further human to human transmission will be wearing masks & do social distancing from each other. Yes! That is what we all should be doing from now onward until such time that the vaccine cure is made available. If possible, continue with isolation or quarantine as this helps to reduce the amount of human to human spreading without any form of contact. Good practices make our lives safer and less exposure to this deadly virus. So, simple but effective as long as we all abide to this rule.

Unfortunately, humans are always have the tendency of resistance whenever they are asked to do certain things like wearing masks or quarantine as such. So, it is kind of a tough job for the Government to ask everyone to abide this guideline unless with stricter enforcement. It is always best for people to act as human and do the right thing. Please be a little thoughtful and considerate for others as it helps to keep yourself and loved ones to be safe.

You are the one to decide the fate of transmission! Please do the right thing and we all will be in a safer environment with lesser spreading of the virus. It is a simple decision by each of you as the spread of virus will be able to contain itself when we cooperate to isolate or doing social distancing with wearing masks. If this is carried out with 100% cooperation from everyone then things will definitely get to be much better. We have read about the news in New Zealand that had zero infection of COVID-19 since the last person had been cured on 8th of June 2020. They are now virus-free with strict implementation of control and cooperation from all people in the community. If New Zealand can do it, we don’t see why Singaporeans cannot achieve it as well. All it requires will be strict enforcement and good discipline attitude among ourselves to achieve the same result.

Just do it together, Singaporeans!

Used to remember our younger days where we had campaign like “Use Your Hands” and we all cooperated to clean our classrooms, did planting as well as cleaning up the entire school. It was a great idea to help out with the simple but yet effective campaign by our Government. We do believe that we need to cultivate some kind of good nature for our younger generations so when they grow up, they will know how to treasure stuff and know the importance of doing the right thing and helping each others out when needed. Having the correct habit and learning the right behavior will benefit their future.

For now the most important thing we need to let everyone knows is that wearing masks & do social distancing or isolation will be our only cure of prevention against COVID-19. Nothing else works better than that until the vaccine cure is available. Time to spread the news to every corner of the world so that everyone will know the current truth about COVID-19 and how we can handle ourselves with this preventive measures. By word of mouth we can let everyone to know this truth so it will be done together as a community and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Here are the current best to do list and following it will help yourself as well as loved ones to be safe. Be blessed in good health and take care everyone!

  1. Wearing masks whenever you are in public as a preventive measures.
  2. Washing hands with soap frequently as to eliminate the virus staying on your hands.
  3. Do social distancing from others as it helps to prevent the spread of infection without close contact.
  4. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth before you wash your hands with soap as it will be the source of entry for the virus to get you infected.
  5. If you need to sneeze, please use a tissue or otherwise bend your elbow and sneeze in between there.
  6. Should you have fever, cough and shortness of breathe, please do consult a doctor. Remember to wear mask when doing so.
  7. In order for more effective contact tracing, please do download the TraceTogether app for those who are staying in Singapore. This will actually eliminate those unknown sources as well as allow you to be informed should you be exposed to someone having the infection.

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