Party Manifesto Speech by Lee Hsien Loong

GE2020: Launch of Party Manifesto

GE2020: Launch of Party Manifesto[TUNE IN] Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong will share with you our strategies to rebuild Singapore's economy and strengthen our society.For sign language:

Posted by People's Action Party on Friday, June 26, 2020

As proud Singaporean, we full support our Government as what they had done for the country all these years. It is never an easy job to undertake as it requires 100% commitment to the people of Singapore. Some might disagreed as outwardly, it may seems like there isn’t much that are shown. We always have the thoughts of people who are wielding the high positions in the Government have to undertake pretty huge stress as how to govern in a much proper way and satisfy the majority. In life, you can never get 100% cooperation from everyone since there will always be dissatisfaction due to one thing or another.

We are proud of what you had done for us all these years! We all miss Lee Kuan Yew!

But we look into the overall situation and what we can see that had been done over the years, we truly can boost ourselves for being proud of our Government and as Singaporeans. It took us quite a number of decades to be where we are now and we should shower our appreciations for all that had been done for us Singaporeans by the Government. It is never a easy job but thanks for hanging on and continue with what you will be doing for us all.

An example of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we could witnessed the handling by the Government with proper steps of contingency plan to carry out based on some recommendations by WHO. Of course there will definitely be some hiccups as things might not work well but the important part is we learned from the mistakes and move forward. We do know that some people are not happy over some methods of implementation for this COVID-19 situation but we must know that even the Government are just humans like us and going through life with mistakes are kind of unavoidable at times. Important thing is we must move forward thereafter with a new plan to tackle the situation after learning from the mistake itself. That is the good example we agree with the Government for the approach that had been taken and help us to tide over the crisis.

Please continue to be vigilant about COVID-19 crisis as we do know that it is not over until it is over with the vaccine cure which can be many years later. So please do not be complacent and stay guard with all the necessary precautions like wearing masks & social distancing in public. Also it is important to wash your hands with soap frequently especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth since it is the entry point of the virus into your body. As far as possible, try to stay at home for isolation since it will be your best cure of prevention.

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.

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