Wise decision needed for election

Election is about candidates who are capable to sustain a good and stable government that will help the people of Singapore into the future where we will face challenges. We need to understand that new candidates are being nurtured to replace the current MPs who are stepping down. We need to vote for candidates who are reliable to have long term strategy and ideas to help building Singapore for the good of the people into the future. Candidates in selection will need to have a good rapport as a group to brainstorm what will be best route for all Singaporeans and building our country towards the goals. It has to come with plans ahead in time for at least 5 to 10 years to mould our country with clear objectives as to benefits Singaporeans.

We as the older generations have benefited from the Government who have brought us where we are now so we also hope that the new group of candidates will continue the good work in helping the younger generations into the future. We need to give a strong mandate of approval so that the people of Singapore can continue to appreciate the effort by our Government in building our beautiful garden where we live. Though we are just a tiny red dot in the world map, our Government have transform it into a beautiful garden city where we appreciate in our hearts. We are indeed very happy with our Singapore’s current political stability and looking forward having it to continue in the future.

We need people to vote with a clear mind as not to be influenced by emotions which might be the wrong decision. We have to look into a bigger picture as who will be able to help Singapore to move into the future with strategic plans and guidelines. We may have encountered many various obstacles and unhappiness in life but decision as who will be the right candidates will be vital to our country. Make your vote counts as Singaporeans need a strong mandate for the Government to continue the good work of transforming our country.

As everyone is getting excited over the current election on 10 July 2020, we must bear in mind that our choice of having a group of true leaders to guide the people of Singapore into the future that matters. Please be clear headed about who you should be voting as leaders of our country to bring prosperity and progress as we are just a tiny red dot in the world map.

We can understand the new batch of younger leaders are being groomed to take over the older generation leaders which will be capable of handling difficult tasks and moulding our country for better future. It takes years of training and guidance to be true leaders and that is why we need candidates who are already equipped with such training. On top of that, we require leaders to have 100% commitment as our Government to handle all kind of situations and provide solutions to resolve any future obstacles. They will need to pave the way as to develop our country to attract more investors to build up our economy especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic issue. Let us all vote for the right candidates so that our Government can proceed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic as well as our economy which is badly affected.

Do the right vote and we will have a strong Government to lead us into the future. Every vote counts and do not vote based on anger or jealousy as well as emotions which can affect your decision. We sincerely hope everyone will make the wise choice in voting as we all want a strong & decisive Government to help tackling problems & issues domestic as well as foreign.

Back to COVID-19 pandemic which is still dangerous as we read that today there are already 10,803,599 cases worldwide with 518,968 deaths. We are fortunate that our Government had taken the correct measures to control the situation. Please do abide to the simple preventive measures of wearing masks & do social distancing while in public. In addition, please wash your hands with soap regularly especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth as it will be the entry point for the virus into your body. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting this infection. Everyone should be doing their parts to avoid any human to human transmission. Every bit of effort by each and every one of us makes a great difference in bringing down the infection rates.

Like any Singaporeans, we always like to be a little more Kiasu & Kiasi in this circumstances and hope you will also be like that to handle this virus crisis.

Lastly, never take things for granted as our country current achievements are from the hardworking government that have been serving us and we should continue to endorse and appreciate for what they had done for the people of Singapore. Thumbs up!

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.

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