Wise choice on Singapore election

Words of wisdom by LKY

We all miss you and hope that we will continue with a strong Government to bring us forward into the future where it benefits the younger generations like what you had done for us.

In view of the current coming election, we were listening to this inspiring words from the late father Lee Kuan Yew’s speech. It is time again we should have our candidates to rally our Nation and have the Mandate to Rule as spoke by him in the video. We need good and strong Government as we can move forward into the future for the next 10 years and more where our younger generations can truly benefit like us older generations had gone through in life. It is time to give our true strong support with a clear mind without deterrent with emotion. As we all understand that one can easily be influenced by emotions and thus making the wrong decision which will affect our livelihood.

We should all be clear about the decision to make and decide the direction the future we wish to look forward as to vote the right candidates and give our strong support of endorsement. Understand what kind of mandate of future plans and solutions to guide the people of Singapore into the future. Some might be angry of certain things in life that may not go well but this should never be affecting your choice of choosing the right Government to support our future. It is critical as not to make this mistake since it didn’t goes well with some other countries. We need to show a clear support for the Government we want and let them help us moving into the brighter future. Don’t let emotions overrule your decision of having a good Government.

Back to our COVID-19 situation which is pretty much under control as in Phase 2 but with the unknown sources still lurking among us, we should never let our guards down since it can possibly be another outbreak when we get to be complacent. Continue with all the preventive measures like wearing masks & do social distancing while in public. Also remember to wash your hands often especially before you touch your eyes, nose and mouth since it can infect you.

Just need to be a little Kiasu and Kiasi about this COVID-19 pandemic in order to keep yourself & loved ones to be safe. Since there are still unknown sources that maybe due to some people be asymptomatic, we are happy to hear that Singapore Government is providing us a gadget that will be able to improve the contact tracing via bluetooth whenever we are out in public. It is great if you happen to be around someone who is infected and you will be informed so as you can do self quarantine and avoid contact with your loved ones just in case. This is one example of having a good Government to take initiative of providing solution to resolve issue. Of course people may complain of the mistake made but we are all humans so making them will be kind of unavoidable. Of course, solution is provided at that point of time after much consideration which may be the right choice or wrong. It is only after implementation then we will know the result. One should never fear to make mistake as it is important to learn from it and move forward. That’s very important!

Take care against COVID-19 and be blessed with good health!

Future of Singapore in your hands

We are happy of our past where Lee Kuan Yew had built Singapore as what it is now. We are also grateful for the present as our Government has been doing what is right for the people. Now we look forward into the future for our younger generations to benefit with the right mindset of guidance in building Singapore as a nation.

With the continuing rise of COVID-19 worldwide, we are fortunate that after several different approach of measures, we are considered to be in good hands. But we must never be complacent since there are still unknown sources that still lurking in the community which can be a disaster when we let our guards down. Overall, we are most happy to say that our Government has done a good job with measures against COVID-19 though facing some hiccups at the initial stages. Let face it, we are all humans therefore mistakes can happen but important thing is to learn from it and be better. We always remembered the young days when we learnt to walk and we did fell several times but never gave up and continue to stand up to walk. For every failure, it will be a lesson learnt to be better the next time.

In life, we need to look at the bigger picture and into the future for what we want it to be. From the past, present and to the future (still unknown), we are truly grateful for what the Government has brought us to be where we are now. Personally, what we look at the Government will be having a vision of the future down the road in 10 or more years as they help to build our country. It has to be a step by step foundation towards a brighter and better future for the younger generations.

Our views are that the positions in Government are not that rosy as they have to make alot of sacrifices in their lives in order to achieve what we are having right now. We like to congratulate and giving our thanks to them for making Singapore as what it is right now and further down the road. It is never an easy job for those who are taking up this job in the Government.

Since election is around the corner, we hope that each and everyone of us to consider wholeheartedly what you want for your future and making your vote counts. It is an important job for you to make the right decision of who can bring Singapore into the future for the next 10 or more years as it will transform itself with the effort from the right Government who will manage it. Be clear headed as who you want to lead us in the future and not letting your emotion hinders the right decision. We need people who can undertake this important position with the right mindset to do the job. Think over with your head and not to be stirred up with emotion as we need the right people to guide and build a better nation into the future. One has to have future plans as how we are going ahead for the next few years as it helps the younger generations to benefit with it.

Lastly, we sincerely hope everyone will remain vigilant against COVID-19 and continue to wear masks & social distancing while in public. Also not forgetting to wash hands with soap frequently especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting this infection.

Be blessed with good health and take care of your loved ones!

Party Manifesto Speech by Lee Hsien Loong

GE2020: Launch of Party Manifesto

GE2020: Launch of Party Manifesto[TUNE IN] Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong will share with you our strategies to rebuild Singapore's economy and strengthen our society.For sign language: https://youtu.be/s42eJTmYopo

Posted by People's Action Party on Friday, June 26, 2020

As proud Singaporean, we full support our Government as what they had done for the country all these years. It is never an easy job to undertake as it requires 100% commitment to the people of Singapore. Some might disagreed as outwardly, it may seems like there isn’t much that are shown. We always have the thoughts of people who are wielding the high positions in the Government have to undertake pretty huge stress as how to govern in a much proper way and satisfy the majority. In life, you can never get 100% cooperation from everyone since there will always be dissatisfaction due to one thing or another.

We are proud of what you had done for us all these years! We all miss Lee Kuan Yew!

But we look into the overall situation and what we can see that had been done over the years, we truly can boost ourselves for being proud of our Government and as Singaporeans. It took us quite a number of decades to be where we are now and we should shower our appreciations for all that had been done for us Singaporeans by the Government. It is never a easy job but thanks for hanging on and continue with what you will be doing for us all.

An example of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, we could witnessed the handling by the Government with proper steps of contingency plan to carry out based on some recommendations by WHO. Of course there will definitely be some hiccups as things might not work well but the important part is we learned from the mistakes and move forward. We do know that some people are not happy over some methods of implementation for this COVID-19 situation but we must know that even the Government are just humans like us and going through life with mistakes are kind of unavoidable at times. Important thing is we must move forward thereafter with a new plan to tackle the situation after learning from the mistake itself. That is the good example we agree with the Government for the approach that had been taken and help us to tide over the crisis.

Please continue to be vigilant about COVID-19 crisis as we do know that it is not over until it is over with the vaccine cure which can be many years later. So please do not be complacent and stay guard with all the necessary precautions like wearing masks & social distancing in public. Also it is important to wash your hands with soap frequently especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth since it is the entry point of the virus into your body. As far as possible, try to stay at home for isolation since it will be your best cure of prevention.

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.