COVID-19 at war

My personal view about this deadly COVID-19 eruption which has caused many unhappiness among people in the world. As this virus has turned out to be pandemic and going out of control, all Government agencies try their best to put in place a contingency plan as to prevent further spreading of human to human transmission.

As we understand that this is the first time encountering this deadly virus with unknown factors as how infectious and the way of transmission, preventive measures are put in place to their best of knowledge as to avoid it from further rising. I find that what the Government can do will be to apply systematical approach based on what they understand from the medical aspect of this virus. As for how well the action plan to contain further spreading will be like trial & error. So the method of carrying out contingency plan may work or it may not work. I do believe that it requires each and everyone of us to put in the effort as to reduce the increasing human to human transmission.

There should be no reason of pointing fingers to blame anyone as up till now, there is no clear indication as how one can be infected other than close contact & touching droplets from infected person. In a way, personally if anyone to be blamed will be ourselves. We all are getting all these information from the Government and learning about the danger of this infection via transmission of human touch and yet some will still gathering and not abiding to the rules. As far as I know about the preventive measures will help to reduce further infection by transmission.

  1. Isolation of oneself from public places for 1 month at the same time by everyone to allow the virus to die off.
  2. If need to be in public places, wear your mask and keep your distance from others.
  3. Washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before touching your face. This applies to before & after meals as well as when your hands are touching things while in public. Practice good personal hygiene helps in prevention.

It is our war against COVID-19 and we should convey message to those elderly or people who do not expose themselves with the right information as how to prevent or avoid being infected. I do believe there are still people who are not well inform of the situation and it will be our duties to keep them in touch by telling them.

I am registered via whatsapp using to keep in touch of the latest happening about COVID-19 in Singapore. It will be information given from a trustworthy source as there are many others who will spread fake news which can be dangerous if not knowing.

So, it will be each & everyone of us to put an end to the COVID-19 with cooperation like isolation for 1 month at the same time. No need to blame others if you do not do your part as a preventive measure. Start today and isolate yourself together as a nation and soon this will be over.

Up to day there is no known cure for COVID-19 so it will be up to us and fight against it. Let us think of our family & loved ones as we put in place all necessary preventive measures to ensure their safety. Help yourself as you will help others at the same time.

Be safe and have a great day ahead!

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War against COVID-19

After reading the article about Wuhan’s method of handling the case for the COVID-19 outbreak stating that the Chinese Communist Party declaring war which is people’s war against the epidemic will be what we should be doing in order to put an end to this deadly virus.

The people will be the only way to put an end of COVID-19 and not just what the Government alone can help. If some people do not listen or abide to the rules then it will still be spreading from human to human. It will depend on we as human beings to take it seriously how we want it to end with all the proper measures in place.

Simply put it as we must stand together and tackle this crisis with all necessary precautions to prevent further spreading. As long as each and everyone of us stand UNITED and do our parts, I am pretty sure that it can be over sooner. Spread the words to everyone as how one should be doing the right thing to avoid human to human’s spreading. Simple things like washing hands with soap for 20 seconds, quarantine yourself if not feeling well, wear masks, keep your distance, etc. All these precautions can help to prevent further spreading. If you have the symptoms of COVID-19, wear your mask and visit a doctor to confirm. Every little bit of things we do with precautions can help to prevent the spreading.

It is time for all Singaporeans to stand up for Singapore as a nation to combat this COVID-19 and put an end to it. We can do it together collectively. It is like a test in life where we can show the world we can cooperate with one another to fight against this deadly virus and helping our loved ones to be safe.

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End of COVID-19

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How can we eliminate this COVID-19 and put an end to it? Only method will lies on cooperation of each and everyone of us worldwide to quarantine ourselves at the SAME time for 1 month. We have to do it TOGETHER at the SAME time in order to eliminate this deadly virus and end it worldwide. So this means within this 1 month of quarantine, any person who is infected should be treated in hospital while those who are not infected should remain quarantine for that month itself. By doing that, we all can conquer this virus as UNITED people.

It will be pointless if some did the 1 month’s quarantine while some do not since it will contribute to further spreading from human to human. So we need to do it once and for all at the SAME time during the Stay At Home’s notice. Please do it as not to prolong this pandemic that disrupt everyone’s life. It is better we all do it TOGETHER for just 1 month instead of having it to spread month after month. It is time to show how we all can be UNITED as human beings to bring down this deadly virus that had killed so many people worldwide.

For all Singaporeans, we can do our parts as to download the TraceTogether apps for better contact tracing as we will never know who are around us if we need to be in public places for those essential people as well as when you need to buy essential stuffs. Help ourselves with this app as it will enable the contact tracing when we are in contact with someone who is infected. You will be informed and aware to keep your loved ones safe if it happens. This will safeguard the people around you and loved ones.

Hope everyone will take this seriously and inform your friends and family members as they might not know about this via phone contact as to be safe.

Be safe and have a great day ahead everyone.