Pirate Evolution upgrading level

Interestingly that we are already playing for quite a while (around 2 weeks) and we had achieved level 27. Here is the video of us playing to achieve Chapter 27 of the Pirate Evolution.

Pirate Evolution – Chapter 27 adventure mode

As you can see from this video, we had already managed to reach Chapter 27 and it is just a matter of how you can steer your ship and able to conquer them without any difficulties. Of course you will require to acquire some good weapons as you may need them to fight with the enemy’s ships. In the beginning, we just simply concentrate on upgrading our existing weapons to a much higher level so that we can defeat them like the skirmish and the Optopus giant in the sea.

It is indeed enjoyable as we can pass out time during this period of COVID-19 pandemic. At least we do our part to keep ourselves and others safe by staying at home and go out whenever it is necessary to do some work. We hope everyone will keep themselves and loved ones safe against COVID-19 and also be entertained by playing Pirate Evolution online game.

Adventure playing with Pirate Evolution

After happen to see advertisement from the Legend Monster online game, we decided to give it a try to play with Pirate Evolution as the graphic seems to interest us. We had downloaded the game into our PC system using BlueStacks and now we already played it for a month. We like to show you a video where we had played for 5 days to get the Level 9. It was pretty exciting as we need to have some kind of motor skill to steer the pirate ship so as not to be hit by the enemy at the open sea. Of course it will be unavoidable to be hit but with a little more attention on the steering of the ship, you should be able to avoid and killing them at the same time.

There are lots of upgrading stuff you will pick up from the chests that you conquered from the enemy’s ships as well as from the fortress you can conquer. It takes a bit of time but with a little skill, you should be able to handle your ship well enough to win and upgrade your level.

Currently we are now at Level 30 while our ship level is 47. Let us show you our first video for Level 9 and you can see how we steered the ship as to avoid being hit but still got killed. After retrying, we managed to win in the end. Guess if you are interested in this sort of interactive game, you will definitely enjoy it like we do. Of course you will stumble upon some obstacles which will seem hard to conquer but with a little determination and skill, you can still upgrade your ship and skill by playing often like us. We are the type that never give up even though we may encounter some difficulties to win initially. Try and try harder, you will eventually win each level step by step. It took us a month to be in current level 30 with the ship at 47 as of today. We will likely to gain higher level in a matter of days and will continue to upload videos of our progress.

Here is the first video at Level 9.

Pirate Evolution at Level 9

We hope you will enjoy this interactive game like us and we can discuss together how we can conquer and be at the top of the world.

Have fun and this helps to keep us at home with the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic. It kills some boredom for people who dislike to be at home. Cheers!