New norm after COVID-19

This may sound like a million dollar question but the truth about individual safety is just a BIG Question mark! How safe are we against this deadly virus that has haunted us since last year December 2019? Just reading all the reports from various countries for the warnings that were given, we do believe it is still not very safe at the moment.

What will life be like from now onwards?

Guess everyone should be continuing to wear masks plus frequent washing hands with soap as well as social distancing in all public places. No more gathering in crowd as it exposes to spreading of this virus in close proximity between humans. We can’t tell how long this virus can survive without human as a host but if everyone does the part of not getting infected, it may die off without further transmission. This will be the ideal case! But in life, it may not be so realistic since there will be people who love to flout the rules like not wearing masks or going parties in gathering, etc. So the hope of having it to just die off will be a fantasy.

What can we do about it?

Take good care of your personal hygiene as one good example to be healthy. So the new norm in life will be having to wear masks, social distancing and washing hands frequently while in public. Also do not touch your face especially mouth, nose and eyes in public unless you just wash your hands with soap. This are the critical areas on your face where the virus can simply infect you unknowingly. So be extra careful while visiting in public as you definitely DO NOT want to be a victim of getting this infectious disease.

Is there hope for the future?

Yes! There is always HOPE for mankind. All hopes are put into the doctors, researchers and scientists to develop the vaccine that can control or protect our bodies against this infection. We cannot tell if this is going to happen soon or later and it may also be never as it will be dependent as whether the funding for research will continue. Countries may not continue in funding such research as the situation may subside or getting better. We will not know how it will be like in the near future but currently, we still have great hope to look forward for this vaccine cure. Meantime, we have to practice personal hygiene and maintain a good example to each other as not allowing human to human transmission.

Who is to be blamed?

As you maybe reading quite a number of news in the Internet where blames are being made. We feel that ourselves as humans are to be blamed for the creation of this virus. Why? Though we do not know the source of its beginning but we feel that all sorts of diseases or viruses are created due to our own actions. We did it unknowingly for the birth of diseases or viruses by our actions. Looking back in history, for all the diseases & viruses that were happened is just our own creation. It is something that we had done for it to start. We remembered in our younger days, there wasn’t much of technology innovation and life was simple but everyone was much healthier. There were much activities with our physical body unlike now, most of us are spending majority time on our chairs. Somehow with all the technological advancement, it had made us lazier than before. That is the price we have to pay for!

Will it be better in future?

With this COVID-19 pandemic, we need to learn from it and recover. It is a great lesson for every country in the world as there are mistakes made but we need to move on and learn this lesson. Since this is the first time our generation is facing the situation, the actions we take might be right or wrong but need to move forward for every mistake we made instead of dwelling about it. No one knows what is the right action to take until it is taken. Decisions made might be wrong or right but only be seen after actions are taken. It is easy for people to condemn the actions when it didn’t turn out to be right but no one actually knows until it is done. So, we hope that people will not be too fast to make judgement when things are not right instead should move forward to other options when it is not right. Learn from mistakes and move forward! That should be the right mindset about the current situation. With the cooperation of everyone doing their parts, there will be a future for all of us as we will see a greater reduction of transmission and life ahead will be better though may not be the same.

Here are some tips we still need to follow as to keep yourself and others to be safe!

Stay isolated or quarantine for 1 month at the same time for the whole country.

Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of any virus on your hands.

Do not use your hands to touch your face like eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed it.

Wear masks when you are in public places and keep social distancing as well.

If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue or elbow to conceal it.

If you are having a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask and consult a doctor immediately.

Download the contact tracing software in Singapore so that it helps to reduce the unknown sources and also keep you inform if you happen to be in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19.

QR Code to download for contact tracing in Singapore