Song Dat Ah Lan Han

Song Dat Ah Lan Han Thai amulet

We only believe in FATE that brings people or things together as part of life. It is a matter of time before you come in possession of what FATE lies with you to have the things you suppose to get and be a part of your life. Over 30 years or so of having Thai amulets as part of our lives, it has helped us overcoming many obstacles as well as avoid accidents & dangers. We are indeed very grateful for what Thai amulets had done for us in the past as well as present to the future. We too hope that you can get the same benefits we are having and allowing you to receive blessing while wearing it around your neck. Be sincere and do daily prayers as it will guide you through the right path in your journey of life.

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Thai Amulets

Blessing with Thai amulet rental

What does one understands about Thai amulet? It is simply an item that had been blessed by Thai monks and being used to help raising funds to build or rebuild Thai Temples. Individual Thai monks made their amulets while going through the process of chanting mantras for days and even months before offering it to worshippers who donated money or offering oil to the temple. It is a sort of gift for contributers and now it is a form of tools to help people enhancing their luck in many different forms like helping in marriage, fortune, health, love relationships and many others in life. It is a practice in Thai tradition that the amulets are being placed under a stupa when built. When the stupa collapses, these amulets could be found. As what we understand this tradition, many of the Thai people can be seen wearing them around their necks as being close with Buddha.

The amulets are made from different materials and having a protective casing to enhance the appearance while protecting the amulet. The cost of these amulets will not be just the appearance but also the scarcity, the age and its magical powers. There are many amulets made available in Temples as well as market places but it is said some are fake which means the replicas are not being blessed by the Thai monks which is simply factory production. It is said that genuine amulets are now rare and collectors look for trusted sellers who deal with authentic amulets. As we understand that authentication of real amulets will be quite a complex matter since forgeries are rife and only experience of skills in studies will be able to recognise authentic Thai amulets.

Amulets and Buddha Images is extensive and valued in excess of 500,000 Baht. Some are very old, antiques, others specially reproduced as souvenirs for our visitors to take home as a reminder of their visit.

Amulets exemplify the power of faith. They are objects that inspire believers to invest their strength and dedication to succeed in their pursuits. Amulets have a spiritual value beyond the commercial and only monks who have attained purity through rigorous practices can channel their power to the creation of amulets. The reputation of these monks will determine the value of their creation.
For those who wear amulets only decent behavior can sustain the inherent holiness of the Buddha images. The person wearing one must maintain their piety in honoring Buddha. If they do they will benefit from the power of the holy creator. Read more here.