Close encounter with death

Everyone has their own experience and I like to share one of my experiences when I was still schooling in Primary school where I had this encounter which had a deep impression for life. Do share your comments with us if you too have such similar experience.

I started to have true faith in the existence of God & Buddha at a young age when I had encountered a near death experience. Remembered back at that time when I was with my classmate going to watch a movie, I was crossing the road after alighted from the bus. It was a great mistake to cross the road in front of the bus. I was only 3 steps before reaching the pathway before a car hit me and I was thrown 8 feet in the air (according to my classmate who was at the other side of the road) and landed with the car in front of me. At that instant, my mind was filled with thoughts that I might be seriously injured with broken bones or having blood splashed on the road. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and as I was lying on the pretty hot surface of the road, suddenly I regained my senses and quickly got up after opening my eyes. I saw the road was filled with broken windscreen glasses and I was barefooted. Instead of checking my injury, first thought that came into mind was to look for my slippers since there were lots of broken glasses on the road. In less than a minute, there were dozen of people came swarming to see what happen and asking me if I was okay. After finding my slippers and regaining my posture, I checked to see if I had substain any form of injury.

I was surprised that there was no sign of any injury or cuts on me. It was also stunning for my classmate who was with me at that point of time and he was indeed pretty worried for me. Someone had made a call for the ambulance and soon it had arrived to bring me and my friend to the hospital. Had a complete checkup at the hospital including some X-ray taken and was discharged on the same day after confirming that there were no sign of injury internally as well as externally.

That is when I started to believe there is a higher being like God & Buddha that had helped me to avert this disaster with my faith in them. From that day onwards, I have devoted myself with true faith & belief in their presence and it has helped me ever since till this day of my life. I truly hope that every person will have his / her faith in what they believe as it will help you in life.

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