Sothorn Thai amulet

Sothorn Thai amulet

Critical period happening now worldwide that is causing a pandemic crisis is the time we seek a kind of protection and blessing as to tide over it. We need to view this matter with a degree of seriousness since it had gone out of hand with the rising amount of deaths and infections. We do sincerely believe that Buddha protects those who want to be protected. Simply means that you need to take your own safety precaution and safety measures when handling the situation. Please do abide to the simple rule of social distancing and isolation whenever possible. Do this and you will keep yourself & loved ones safe.

This maybe a simple thing to do but unfortunately not everybody adhere to this rule. They just like to do whatever they want and not following the rules. It is their freedom of doing whatever they want to. It is indeed sad that we are all human beings but when comes to encounter this type of danger, some are not convinced and being uncooperative about it. How we wish that for once, everyone will act like a normal human being and do what is necessary to help one another to tide over this crisis.

Guess not!

This will only prolong further spreading of COVID-19 pandemic without even knowing when it can actually ends since looking for a vaccine cure will be a long way to come. As long as we do not have 100% cooperation from everyone in each country as to eliminate further human to human transmission then the cycle will keep continuing without its ending.

This is indeed very sad but it is the true fact in life.

Human’s mind is always a mystery to everyone as we cannot predict or control what are the thoughts going through in each person’s brain. So it does not matter whether or not there is control or warning over the current pandemic, it will be up to individual’s mind as what is the right thing to do for themselves. No one can control your thoughts as you will decide on your own. So, whether or not the crisis to be over sooner or later or even never will depend on yourself as a group.

As said, it needs to be isolation for everyone together at the same time to stop further human to human transmission.

So, can we do it together as a community of people in each country?

The answer will likely be negative as not everyone see it the same way as the others. Again, this is indeed a very sad thing even though we believe individual understands the impact and seriousness of this virus that really can KILL humans. We only can pray for individuals that they will come to the senses and be cooperative about it. All we can do is HOPE!

The question is are you fated to rent this amulet for protection?

Kumathong Thai amulet

Kumathong Thai amulet

In time of crisis, we will pray for help and when you own your fated amulet, you can do your daily prayers as to guide your journey path in life. Know what you should and should not do while facing the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are a believer of Buddha who is a messenger of God to help us in good as well as bad times. Learn the right teaching as it guides us in our lives. Know what we will be facing in life and understanding the concept of doing things that will eventually guide us to enlightenment.

There is always be ups and downs in life and how you face it will be the challenge. With your own true faith & beliefs about Buddha and personal Thai amulet will change your journey path towards enlightenment. Do good deeds daily from the bottom of your heart without asking for rewards or returns. You will soon find the meaning of life you are looking for. We are all born in this world for a purpose. Let your personal Thai amulet guides you towards the right path.

So, is this amulet your fated Thai amulet to rent and guide your path?

Achan Toh

Achan Toh Thai amulet

If you are fated in possession of this amulet – Achan Toh from Wat RaKang then you will be the owner to rent it. It is our belief that every single amulet that was made is meant for one who is fated to possess and helping the person in his/her journey of life. An amulet that will be worn around your neck will provide you with the right guidance in your path of life. You will be blessed in health, career and relationship as you journey in life.

Make your daily prayers and listen with your heart as it will tell you what to do with your life. Learn to embrace it as your path will be guided and protected against accidents as you walk in life. Be sincere with your prayers as it will be answered by your personal Thai amulet.

So, are you the one fated to possess Achan Toh?

Note: As we all are now going through a crisis of handling COVID-19, we pray for the safety of every human beings in the world. On our part, we have to do our role as to eliminate this deadly virus. Let us be United and do what is necessary to put an end to COVID-19. Remember to wash your hands with soap often as when you are in contact with people in public. Try to give yourself a break by isolating yourself for 1 month. If everyone can do it then we will be able to eliminate this virus.

If not possible to isolate yourself, when in public places, please try to keep your safe distance with the other party. Wear masks whenever necessary. For Singaporeans, download the TraceTogether app as to enable better contact tracing since you will never know who you are with at that point of time when you are in public places. It helps to narrow down the unknown source who you may be in contact with while moving in public places.

Let us all join forces together so we can have our normal life back. Lastly, please do NOT rush to buy essentials as we should have enough to tide over this crisis. Panic buying might worsen the situation as we will be more exposed to one another at a closer contact. Just do your normal regular routine for marketing and buy what is necessary.

Keep safe and have a great day!