Four-Faced Buddha Thai Amulet

Four-Faced Buddha Thai amulet

How does one gets blessing from Thai amulet? From our years of experience in having our own personal fated amulet, we simply believe that it is through true faith & belief that we get its blessing. Simply put it as one needs to be sincere in his / her life and seek for doing good deed as to reap its blessing. So when one is in possession of the amulet, one needs to be sincere about what they want as to allow the amulet to guide in its path. We believe that one day, we all will be able to return to its Kingdom where we will live as spiritual beings without further suffering.

It does not really matter what is your religion, just maintain true faith & belief and doing good deeds in life as you seek its blessing. As for us, we believe in our fated amulets which have provided us a path in life for doing good and helping to overcome obstacles and dangers lurking around. It was fortunate that we had averted several serious and some not so serious sort of accidents in our lives. It had never stop helping us as we devote ourselves to help others in return. It is never too late to offer a helping hand whenever it is needed and within your capability. We always remember this: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

So, journey through your life as when you are able to perform a good deed by giving a helping hand, just DO IT!

Again, the question is are you the fated person to own this amulet?

Sothorn Thai Amulet

Sothorn Thai amulet

Faith & Belief in your own religion will be your true guide in the pathway towards enlightenment. Understand and learn the right teaching as it shall guide you towards the light of enlightenment. Do know that no matter what you believe in, all religions are teaching us to goodness of mankind and respect one another as human being regardless of our races or skin colors. We really do need to understand that no matter how we appear to be in front of the mirror, we are basically just human beings. Learn to respect individual as human and live harmonious together as you journey in life to seek for the light of enlightenment.

It is a very tough job to make every human being in this world to understand that we are all the same as one human to another. Even though we are different in races, culture, religions, etc but still we are just humans. Once we understand and accept this clear fact of being just human then I do sincerely believe that we will all be moving in the right direction to do what is good for mankind. We will be able to cooperate with one another as to resolve any sort of crisis that may arise. Just like now we are all facing the same enemy – COVID-19 pandemic and we need to join forces as to eliminate it before it continues to kill more people around the world.

It will likely not ending any sooner but as long as we do our parts in keeping a healthy lifestyle and abide to rule of social distancing and wearing masks, etc then we will be able to control it from spreading. Please cooperate and do your part as human so that we do not need to suffer much more than what we had been through already. Respect each other and keep on with the isolation and social distancing with safeguard in public. That way we can put a halt to its spreading and soon after we get the vaccine cure, it will be totally eliminated. Well, the cure might be more than a year or so therefore we must never be complacent instead keep on to be vigilant against the spreading.

Thai amulets can help to give you some form of protection while you take care with preventive measures at the same time. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid be infected with COVID-19.

Question now is are you fated to receive this amulet as your own?

Luang Po Pang Thai amulet

Luang Po Pang Thai amulet

We all humans will somehow go through a cycle of obstacles as we grow up since the day we were born. We came into this world with a pure heart and should return back to God’s Kingdom when we have cleansed our souls otherwise we will be reborn or reincarnated again for another lifetime. There is one God but many different messengers through reaching God via different religions. No matter what you believe in or religion, we believe that it has the right value of teaching of being pure in heart and mind. It is our path towards enlightenment upon achieving it like Buddha who did it.

The day a child is born with the purest heart and mind and while growing up being exposed to many different forms of desires. So, if one can maintain with a pure heart and mind, it will not affect you with those desires. Learn to understand the right and wrong so you will be able to keep yourself in the right state of mind while making the right decision. We do understand that the world is filled with temptations but when you have the correct mindset, it will not be able to deceive you with all kinds of desires to sway you from keeping a pure heart and mind.

It is kind of disheartening to see as how some people who created those blames on people for this COVID-19 pandemic. We will always find ourselves face to face with pandemic at some points of our lives but instead of pointing fingers at each other, we should be UNITED and fight against it. Everyone should cooperate and find a cure to prevent further spreading. Please do not be complacent even though different countries have started to ease on restrictions, we should stay vigilant and keep ourselves and loved ones to be safe. We might be easily hit by second or even third wave of COVID-19 pandemic when we are less careful and being complacent. Keep your guard up until a vaccine cure is available.

Once again, are you going to be the fated person to own this amulet?