LP Pae

LP Pae Thai amulet

Amulets made by the famous monk LP Pae give protection and metta to the wearers. Luang Phor Pae had created the first batch of amulets; Pra Glee Bua and Waen Chaai Ying (Man Woman Ring). If you are the fated person to own the amulet made by him, you will have its blessing and guidance in your path to the future.

As we always believe that each and every single amulets made by the famous Thai monks will be your source of guidance in life. Only those who are fated will be blessed and guide in the journey of life.

So, are you the fated person to rent it?

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Luang Phor Pae

Luang Phor Pae – Wat PikulThong Thai amulet

Everyone in this world is walking a path on the earth where it can be either good or bad. Ever decision & action that one’s make will decide the future. Some decisions are made with proper guidance while some are not as it is without guidance. We answer to the action we take when carry out as whether or not it turns out to be right or wrong.

Since we are guided in our path of life with Thai amulets, we are glad for its help through the years in our lives. We too believe you can benefit with its guidance when you are Fated to possess it. It is always Fate that will bring you to rent the amulet which is meant for you at that point of time you make the decision. If not Fated then you will not be renting it. It is just as simple as that. Just about Fate for you.

When you are wearing it around your neck, please do your sincere prayers daily with true faith & belief as it will help to guide you with your business, career, relationship as you journey in life. It will assist you whenever you encounter an obstacle and help to avoid accidents before it happens. It had happened to me before when I was hit by a car that threw me in the air and landed on the road which was witnessed by my classmate describing it to me. Fortunately, I had only a few bruises and cuts but nothing serious after checking up by the hospital. I was only 12 years old and fortunately it had helped me. I truly believe you can also be blessed with your own fated amulet as it guides you in your path.

So, are you the Fated person to own it?