Nam Kuaw Thai Amulet

Nam Kuaw Thai amulet

Every religion that you believe in will be teaching the goodness of mankind. Learn to embrace your religion as it shall guide you towards the right way of enlightenment. This is to ultimate aim of what humans want to achieve as we shall return back to its Kingdom in spiritual form. No more suffering of being just humans. It is gonna be the most difficult task in mankind as we realize that we need to endure hardships as well as advance our thinking of what life is all about. If one can break the barrier between life & death in spiritual thought then it will lead towards enlightenment. Easier said than done.

We maybe spending a lifetime learning about human race but to fully understand the reasoning behind it might needs more than just one lifetime or more. It is always human nature of grasping what we have and not wanting to let go as such. So if one wants to move towards the path of enlightenment, it will mean to give up what you really want in terms of materialistic things and go beyond that to fully understand about being human. To be just like Shakyamuni who had achieved his enlightenment to become Buddha would definitely be the most difficult journey you will ever imagine.

What we can do will be accepting the teaching we learnt from the scriptures and to uncover the true meaning of one’s life and beyond. If you can truly comprehend its true meanings then you are in the right path of your journey in life. It might take a few lifetime to achieve but then it is well worth the effort since we all look forward to be in his Kingdom as spiritual form. A life where we no longer suffer in pain or sorrow with reincarnation.

Anyway, are you the fated person to rent this amulet for your protection in health and good fortune?

Song Tai Fong

Song Tai Fong Thai amulet

What do you know about Thai amulet? It is basically a mystic amulet that was made by the famous Thai monk who had performed sacred chanting of mantras to bless it. It will somehow possess mystic power that will benefit the fated person who will be the owner of it. It will be able to help and guide the person as he/she journeys in the path on earth. It comes with protection as well as blessing for the person to help removing obstacles or danger that may harm the owner. That’s what we believe in with the possession of the amulets we have with us.

Always remember to do daily prayers with true faith & beliefs in order for it to help you in life. Also remember that with its possession, you must perform good deeds to others and never to curse or swear in life. Doing the right thing will allow it to help you to journey the right path.

Again, are you the fated person to own this amulet?

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As we all are aware of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we like to advice people to do the right thing instead of putting blames on others when we are the ones to be blamed if we get infected. Please do get the facts from Government agencies and not from unreliable sources of distributing fake news that can cause more harms than good. Please help out and advice those who are unable to reach out the right information.

  1. Wear masks if you need to be in public places and keep social distancing between you & others.
  2. Washing your hands with soap often as to keep the virus away.
  3. Do not touch your face like eyes, nose & mouth with your hands unless you have just washed it.
  4. Isolate yourself for 1 month at the same time with others as to allow the virus to die off without human to human transmission.
  5. Cover your nose using elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  6. If you are unwell and having symptoms like fever, cough and difficulty to breath then seek a doctor. Remember to wear your mask before you go out from your home.
  7. Do the right thing by downloading the TraceTogether app for Singaporeans and those who are currently staying in Singapore as it helps to trace those unknown sources who maybe infected with COVID-19. It will keep you inform should you be exposed while in public places. This is to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Do it now.
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Let us keep our loved ones safe and secure!

Po Tub See Him

Po Tub See Him – B.E. 2460 Thai Amulet

Protection is what we need in time of crisis as we do not know what can or will happen. All we can do for ourselves will be taking necessary precautions and with the blessing of the Thai amulet, it helps to protect you from accidents & harms that may befall onto you. Every single amulet had been blessed with its power to protect the wearers.

We like to stress upon how important for us in our daily lives to be blessed and protected when dealing with daily tasks. Let your fated amulet gives you the right guidance in life so you will be walking the right path in your journey. Do your daily prayers and ask for guidance each day there you will be going through and you will be blessed. Be sincere and faithful as you perform good deeds to others from the bottom of your heart as you generate good Karma & Merits. Every action will result in reaction. Learn how you can walk the right path with your fated amulet as it guides you along.

So, the question will be are you the fated person to possess it?