Nam Kuaw Thai Amulet

Nam Kuaw Thai amulet

Every religion that you believe in will be teaching the goodness of mankind. Learn to embrace your religion as it shall guide you towards the right way of enlightenment. This is to ultimate aim of what humans want to achieve as we shall return back to its Kingdom in spiritual form. No more suffering of being just humans. It is gonna be the most difficult task in mankind as we realize that we need to endure hardships as well as advance our thinking of what life is all about. If one can break the barrier between life & death in spiritual thought then it will lead towards enlightenment. Easier said than done.

We maybe spending a lifetime learning about human race but to fully understand the reasoning behind it might needs more than just one lifetime or more. It is always human nature of grasping what we have and not wanting to let go as such. So if one wants to move towards the path of enlightenment, it will mean to give up what you really want in terms of materialistic things and go beyond that to fully understand about being human. To be just like Shakyamuni who had achieved his enlightenment to become Buddha would definitely be the most difficult journey you will ever imagine.

What we can do will be accepting the teaching we learnt from the scriptures and to uncover the true meaning of one’s life and beyond. If you can truly comprehend its true meanings then you are in the right path of your journey in life. It might take a few lifetime to achieve but then it is well worth the effort since we all look forward to be in his Kingdom as spiritual form. A life where we no longer suffer in pain or sorrow with reincarnation.

Anyway, are you the fated person to rent this amulet for your protection in health and good fortune?

Luang Phor Pae

Luang Phor Pae – Wat PikulThong Thai amulet

Everyone in this world is walking a path on the earth where it can be either good or bad. Ever decision & action that one’s make will decide the future. Some decisions are made with proper guidance while some are not as it is without guidance. We answer to the action we take when carry out as whether or not it turns out to be right or wrong.

Since we are guided in our path of life with Thai amulets, we are glad for its help through the years in our lives. We too believe you can benefit with its guidance when you are Fated to possess it. It is always Fate that will bring you to rent the amulet which is meant for you at that point of time you make the decision. If not Fated then you will not be renting it. It is just as simple as that. Just about Fate for you.

When you are wearing it around your neck, please do your sincere prayers daily with true faith & belief as it will help to guide you with your business, career, relationship as you journey in life. It will assist you whenever you encounter an obstacle and help to avoid accidents before it happens. It had happened to me before when I was hit by a car that threw me in the air and landed on the road which was witnessed by my classmate describing it to me. Fortunately, I had only a few bruises and cuts but nothing serious after checking up by the hospital. I was only 12 years old and fortunately it had helped me. I truly believe you can also be blessed with your own fated amulet as it guides you in your path.

So, are you the Fated person to own it?

Luang Por Thuat

Luang Por Thuat Thai amulet

All amulets in this blog are authentic from the famous Thai monks and not made from factory. It had been consecrated by the monks with mantra prayers of blessing and you will benefit with your rental of the amulet itself.

It is our belief that only one who is Fated in possession of his/her own amulet will be the one renting it. If not, no matter what you do as it will not be meant for you as you will never be renting it even though you have seen it many times. With your Fate of owning it, you will benefit with its guidance for the path you will take in your journey of life thereafter. Remember to do daily prayers as it will help to fulfill your prayers as long as you are sincere and having true faith & beliefs. We believe in it as it had guided us in our journey for many years already. Therefore we also believe that only Fated person who acquires the amulet will be guided in life with good fortune and health.

So, will you be the Fated person to rent this amulet?

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