Attack Against COVID-19

Personally I think we all need a stricter enforcement on public activities as not to have further spreading of infection. There is no right or wrong rule of handling the current COVID-19 pandemic but one thing for sure is we need to cooperation of everyone of us to adhere the one month’s isolation at the same time. Otherwise this pandemic will simply be going on month after month without an end to it. Even though the Government is trying their best to evaluate the pros and cons of the types of containment strategies, it still need the cooperation of everyone of us for it to work.

It is important that we get the right source of information from the Government and not fake posts which will be harmful to you. This pandemic had already killed more than 136,000 people worldwide and infected more than 2 million as countries are taking stricter enforcement on prevention of spreading. Please do not spread misinformation in your online post as it will do more harm than good for anyone.

If you have been reading much about COVID-19, you will know that fever, cough and shortness of breath is the likely symptoms of the disease. But then it is also possible that you contract the virus without any sign of fever. One might not shows fever initially but develop one later in the course of the virus. So if you happen to be experiencing other symptoms of COVID-19 without fever, you may want to consult a docto to determine the result. Without any symptoms, you must still follow the best practices of social distancing and wearing a mask while in public places. We do know that some people are asymptomatic that can unknowingly contribute the spread of virus. That is why this disease can transmit so fast and so widely.

I praised our Singapore Government for using the step by step approach and constant communication with the public about the COVID-19. As our Government is fully understood the situation of the economic impact as well as the social crisis by the pandemic and try preventive measure for the crisis within a crisis. The implemention of control by the Government for contact tracing system with strict quarantine plus stay at home notices can be much effective when we do it at the same time together. I do support wholly for the Government to take stricter enforcement on quarantine and social distancing. It will help us to end this pandemic and get back to our normal routine again.

It is time that we do not put blame on others as we will be the one to be blamed if not taking the preventive measures like social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and quarantine for Circuit Breaker in place. It is not something we expect but will be something we can do about to help and prevent further spreading with the right mindset of safety measures.

Help yourself as you can help your loved ones with the right mindset to end this COVID-19 together as one people. Be cooperative of what measures to be taken and do not blame anyone of its happening. We can overcome and be stronger as UNITED people.

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COVID-19 deadly virus

Updated on 29 March 2020

News about the coronavirus (COVID-19) had reached around 663,740 of infected people around the world and still climbing by the day of spreading. It was said that there were 30,879 death cases while the recovery is 142,183 as of today.

Signs to look out for if you suspect of having COVID-19 will be symptoms of illness like fever, cough or shortness of breath. This will be the typical sign of flu-like symptoms of cough and fever for patients but unfortunately for those having chronic health conditions may develop pneumonia including chest pain or tightness as well as shortness of breath. Most of the infected people tend to start with a slight fever which followed by dry cough before having shortness of breath. It is said that those infected people who are having pre-existing conditions will be at higher risk like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease or hypertension.

Currently, it is said that the COVID-19 has an incubation period of 1 to 14 days but some other sources mentioned it could be up to 27 days. There has been evidence that human to human type of transmission will happen with close contacts. The current situation for the fatality rate seems to be more critical for older people plus those having pre-existing conditions.

Up to date, USA (123,750) and Italy (92,472) had the most infected cases comparing with China (81,439). Locally in Singapore, most of the new cases are related to travel in Europe, North America, ASEAN as well as other parts of Asia. It was announced to public as to defer any non-essential trips to malls as to stay at home and visit outside for essential like food. There has been implementation of stricter safe distancing measures to help containing the spread of COVID-19. The Singapore Government advice all foreign workers and foreign domestic helpers to stay in while on rest days as to avoid crowded gathering in public places and stay 1 metre away from one another.

With the new current measures, all gatherings outside work or school will be limited to 10 people with a distance of 1 metre apart. This also apply to places in shopping centres, supermarkets and restaurants. This means that owners of premises and event organisers will have to ensure non-fixed seating to be 1 metre apart at all times. If the seats are fixed then owners will need to ensure customers are sitting on alternate seats.

In order to curb this deadly COVID-19, we all should be doing our parts to help and end this spreading. It will be best if everyone can isolate themselves for a month with minimum contact outside as it will allow this virus to die off. If not possible, ensure you are at a distance from one another during your outing. Always remember about personal hygiene – that means washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after food. Also wash if you come in contact while you are shopping or buying essentials. Try not to touch your face with your hands while you are outside otherwise wash it before touching your face. A good hygiene practice will help us to put an end to this deadly virus. So, let us be united as ONE and help the world to end this pandemic once and for all.