High blood pressure

As you maybe aware that your blood pressure is virtually increasing in numbers as you grow older in age and one should be paying attention to take some form of control for the blood pressure in your early age. Why? It will be much more beneficial in a long run for healthy lifestyle as you age slowly. Let us focus in this topic as how you can manage yourself with some monitoring of your blood pressure and what types of benefits you can receive from doing so.

For any person who may not be accessible to have their regular checkups with your doctor, then the alternative of having a blood pressure monitoring device will be most appropriate. For those who are having some kind of history for having the high blood pressure then equip yourself with a monitor will be just a great idea of having to keep an eye on it.

We all do understand that blood pressure will increase as one begins to age and it will be best for anyone to start monitoing as early as possible even after turning 21. As we understand that many of the younger people do not worry about this matter but if your family history does have some form of high blood pressure then it will be much wiser to start your monitoring early.

What you need to do in the beginning when you are monitoring your blood pressure will be to understand what are the factors contribute to the increase of pressure. Here we like to point out some of the things that maybe the cause of making your pressure increases.

We have seen research that states smoking and alcohol are one of the main contributing factor of having to increase drastically for anyone’s blood pressure. A word of advice will be that it is best to prevent it by sustaining yourself from using any form of tobacco as well as drinking alcohol. However, some may not be desirable to do that, so it will be best to limit yourself from using tobacco and alcohol comsumption so as to reduce your risk of having high blood pressure. If you have attempted to quit it then you maybe able to seek help since there are many available resources will be able to aid you to completely quit it.

As many of us are aware that when you are overweight, it will definitely be drastically increase your blood pressure significantly. So, do help yourself by making some form of attempts to lose a few kilograms as it will definitely be helping you much more significantly in your blood pressure.

Another problem that causes high blood pressure is being physically inactivity since you may not be doing much exercises regularly. So, in order to maintain a good healthy blood pressure, you should be starting to do some kind of exercises. As we all are aware that exercise will be able to help lowering your blood pressure. For a start, you can try to perform at least 30 minutes of some physical exercises every day. However for some people who cannot afford to do 30 minutes at one go then you can actually do 10 minutes at a time. It is having to do it for 30 minutes a day that will help to see some results in your blood pressure.

We also note that when someone is stress, it will be causing a spike in your blood pressure. So, should you be finding yourself being stressed every day, then you may want to find some alternative to help yourself to relax and de-stress. Like meditation or other types of similar relaxation technique that will actually do some wonders with dealing of stress.

We also understand that when you have an unhealthy diet, it will likely be the cause of having your blood pressure increasing. We know that one should be limiting the amount of salt intake and try to introduce more of the fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as it helps to reduce bloood pressure. When buying products, do read the nutrition labels and reduce the fat, salt, etc.

One of the possibility of high blood pressure can be due to sleep disorder since your breathing will likely be interrupted while sleeping. Solution will be you having a conversation with a doctor about what type of medication you can take to help with your sleep. We do understand that there are many types of medicines available in the market that have proven to be much effective to help those who are having sleep disorders.

Another thing you need to know is that there are some of those over the counter medicines as well as supplements that can be a factor to trigger high blood pressure. So if you are much worried about certain types of medication that you maybe taking, please do consult a doctor. Do ask all types of questions that you maybe concern about your blood pressure.

Doing all this will actually help you to stay away from the risks of having high blood pressure which includes stroke, heart attack or kidney disease. As the saying goes, it is never too late to start taking care of yourself and your health in general.

In times of COVID-19 pandemic, you will be at much higher risk and therefore it is critical that you pay attention to your blood pressure.

Vitamin C Supplement

Our Review

We take it very serious when comes to building a healthy body and understand the requirement to maintain it will be having to take some form of supplements that we are lacking with. Nowadays we are not actually consuming enough nutrients that basically help to support our organs to function well enough. As a result, we can see that what we actually eat will be insufficient unless we consume supplement to replace what we are missing. Through the years of experiences, we narrow down what is the necessity which is needed to have the right amount of maintenance required for our body.

One of these supplements we need will be consuming enough Vitamin C supplement. We have been taking Vitamin C supplement for many years and also make regular yearly appointment for consultation checkup with our Polyclinic to make sure that our health status is good. So far our test for yearly test turn out fine. This is one of the supplements that is a necessity in our daily life even if we do consume fruits like oranges but it will not be enough in term of dosage. As we do understand that we need Vitamin C in helping our body to resist against cold or flu which can result with serious health issues. Therefore everyone should be getting themselves with enough dosage using supplement which will be some sorts of security for our health status. Up till today, we are fine against the cold or flu attacks which is common among our neighbours and others in shopping malls or public places. As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry. Also prevention is better than cure as well. It is time that you can decide to get yourself protected rather than suffering with cold or flu attack, right?

Currently we are actually ordering the supplement through online purchase and even though it is shipped from USA, it is rather fast for delivery. But due to the current situation about COVID-19, it may slightly be delayed.

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Let us take a peek at the function of Vitamin C for our body. It main purpose will be having an important role of health benefit for our body. As we all may realize that Vitamin C itself will be water soluble and that means it can be found in fruits as well as vegetable like oranges, kiwi fruit, broccoli, spinach and many others. It is said that Vitamin C is one of the source for antioxidant that will aid us to strengthening our body’s immune system. Therefore this means that it will actually help in protecting your body cells against any of the free radicals which will be harmful to our body. So, with the use of Vitamin C, it will actually help your body to increase your body antioxidant level in a way that helps you to reduce the risk of getting any form of chronic diseases that includes heart disease or even high blood pressure.

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