How to end COVID-19?

It is a growing disaster as we all witness the amount of people being affected by the very dangerous pandemic that is causing lots of deaths all over the world. We believe that due to some misinformation about the danger of COVID-19 that has lead to the current situation. We all must get the right source of information so that we can all participate in doing our parts as a preventive measures to help not only yourself but others to avoid this deadly infection.

As what we view about this deadly virus that totally require every single human being to do what is necessary to avoid the spread of infection. Yes! Only we can help to prevent it from spreading further as long as we do our parts of preventive measures. As far as the information we understand, this virus is transmitted from human to human through contact of touching someone who is infected via touching our eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore the safeguard of having to wear masks is vital to help the chance of having the infection when someone close to you is sneezing or cough as it might transfer to you.

Remember the rule of washing hands with soap at least 20 seconds to get rid of any form of COVID-19 that you may have contacted with while you are in public places since it will likely be that you have made contact with surfaces that may be infected with the virus. It is better to be safe than sorry! We understand the danger of this virus but yet it is still spreading like wild fire and this may due to the fact that not all people are receiving the right source of information about it. Please help to spread the news about the danger of COVID-19 and it does not matter who you are as the infection will definitely be very dangerous when you are in contact with it.

The basic precautions will be doing your parts of social distancing while wearing masks in public. Try not to talk when you are in public transport or in crowded places. Best of all if possible, refrain from going out and stay at home as it will allow the virus to die off. This virus is being transmitted human to human and if every single human being in the world can avoid being in contact with people for just ONE MONTH, we sincerely believe that it will help to eliminate this virus. The reason as why it is spreading so widely is due to the gathering of people in public and touching the surface where there is the infection as we never know that it exists. This is a silent deadly virus where it can stay on surfaces of materials for a period of time when someone who has COVID-19 made contact with it.

So if you need to be in public, whenever you have contact with any surfaces of materials, try not to rub your eyes, nose and mouth without washing it with soap or using disinfectant to kill the virus. It is very important to take note of this since this deadly virus can enter your body via eyes, nose and mouth. So with frequent washing hands with soap will deter the virus from entering your body. We are the only people who can end this pandemic as long as we abide to the rules of safety precaution like social distancing, washing hands with soap frequently, wearing masks in public, etc.

That is the ideal case but in real life, we believe it is very difficult to ask every single human being to isolate themselves from going out in public for a month’s period to allow this deadly virus to end itself. That is why we are now witnessing so many people from all over the world being infected with it. Sadly that many people are dead with this infection. We have to be clear about this as the virus does not care who you are as once you are infected, your life is in danger. Like the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. Please do your part as it will help yourself as well as others to avoid this very deadly virus. Think of your loved ones as you do not want it to happen to them.

Let us join forces and put an end to this COVID-19 pandemic and we can move on with our lives without fear of being infected.

Chances to win against COVID-19 pandemic

We had observed ups & downs in crisis for different countries as we confront this COVID-19 pandemic that had ruined many people in the world. Though there are signs of reduction in spread for some countries while others are not, we should never be complacent as we might be hit with 2nd wave of this virus when we are too lax about it. This had been witnessed in some countries as they ease the movement restrictions and hit by the second wave of virus.

The current norm in lifestyle will be social distancing, wearing masks and isolation whenever possible.

Yes! This is it! No better way of survival in the present situation until we can find a vaccine cure which will likely be a year or more depending on cooperation between countries for sharing information together. Once we learn the IMPORTANT lesson of cooperation between human to human, we will be able to fight against COVID-19 in a much more better manner.

Our action is the current cure for this pandemic!

If you have been following the daily news about COVID-19, you will witness that still many people are pointing fingers to blame one another instead of using this time to cooperate and finding a faster solution with total cooperation. It is indeed sad to read and hear about such news when we all should be standing together as human beings to fight against this deadly virus at the same time. Now is never the time to argue against each other or to put blame of its cause as we are still facing this dangerous virus that MAY mutate and making it more threatening to humans.

Are you ready to prevent it?

Time to stop and get our heads together to serve the people with the best alternative solution without fighting among each other! We need everyone’s cooperation so that the human’s race can survive this ordeal together. Every effort that we can put our heads together will be closer to reduce more harms to humans as a result.

We believe that majority people like us are educated and sensible when come to logic thinking. Definitely we are all facing the same crisis everywhere in the world and this critical situation can only be handled with care from each and everyone of us. From our doing daily will determine the outcome result. So, please maintain social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and isolation whenever possible will HELP to avoid the continuation of human to human spreading. Help yourself as you can help others at the same time. This is the effort of everyone to help and reduce further spreading of this virus.

Regardless of races & religions, we are all HUMANS.

We should bear in mind that we are no difference from one another as humans though we are having different skin colors, races, shapes & sizes. We are basically HUMAN beings. We all should behave in a way that each and everyone of us are the SAME even though our looks are different as one would say. Once we understand that we are all HUMANS and act like one then we should be able to join forces as to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and not allowing it to spread further as what we are now witnessing in some countries with increasing of deaths occurring. It is indeed sad and uncalled for to see this continuing around the world.

Are you all prepared to do this fight against COVID-19?

If yes, then we should keep this mentality in mind, that is to continue with all social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and isolation whenever you can do so. We all need to maintain this kind of lifestyle from now onward until a vaccine cure is produced. Even though some countries are easing with the restrictions, we ourselves should stay vigilant and doing the existing safeguard without being complacent. This will help to avoid creating a second wave of crisis that can easily happen when we are too lax when rules are easing down.

Keep your vigilant to protect yourself and loved ones. Don’t be complacent!

Here are some tips you can continue doing until at such time we find a vaccine cure for COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay isolated or quarantine for 1 month at the same time for the whole country.
Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of any virus on your hands.
Do not use your hands to touch your face like eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed it.
Wear masks when you are in public places and keep social distancing as well.
If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue or elbow to conceal it.
If you are having a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask and consult a doctor immediately.
Download the contact tracing software in Singapore so that it helps to reduce the unknown sources and also keep you inform if you happen to be in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19.

Let us join forces and hope for it to end without any further death. Be safe and do your part for your community together! This is our chance to win the battle against COVID-19 pandemic!

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You can stop COVID-19 pandemic

Looking back in December 2019 when it was first discovered about the COVID-19 pandemic, not much information was gathered during the initial breakout and the implication of danger it carried. In early January 2020, WHO had received report about the outbreak and provided an ongoing investigations. On January 12 2020, there were 41 confirmed cases plus one death with patient with serious underlying medical conditions. During that period, it had shown clinical signs & symptoms of fever with some cases of difficulty in breathing and chest radiography shown of invasive pneumonia in lungs. At that time, it was said to be only confined in Wuhan City with no case of infection elsewhere.

In early February 2020, reports had shown cases happening in Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, USA, Vietnam, India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It was already more than 10,000 cases in Wuhan plus death was reported in Hong Kong and Tianjin. On 8th February 2020, Wuhan City had confirmed 608 deaths and more countries were already having this virus cases. By the end of February 2020, more than 30 countries already had this infection of COVID-19 and more deaths had shown during this period of time.

On 11th March 2020, WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic after an alarming levels of spread of more than 120,000 cases in 114 countries. As we can see that it simply took about 3 months’ period for people to realize how serious this problem of infection can spread without proper control. Since this is not something where we experience before, it seems like we happen to be caught off-guard in this matter. Once this had been announced as pandemic, every country should had put in place some form of contingency plan to move forward. We could see at that time, different countries had their own contingency plan as how to cope with this virus and putting it on action.

Up till today 23rd May 2020, we can still see the rising of infections and more deaths are being told. Why? How come with the contingency plan and yet we are seeing more people are being infected and does not seem to slow down or getting better? Our personal opinion is that not everyone is abiding to the contingency plan and due to this, we cannot foresee the situation to be over any sooner. It is such a basic concept of personal hygiene plus precautionary measures like social distancing and isolation. Yes! It is as simple as isolation for everyone in the world at the very same time together to prevent further spreading from human to human. Simple but yet not effective! Why? Well, not every person in the world are actually doing the isolation part together at the very same time. So, if you do not isolate yourself together for everyone in the world at the same time, this means the virus will continue to spread from human to human with exposure. It will forever continue in a cycle as long as someone is having the virus and spread to one another.

Do the math about this – one person spreads to another and then 2 persons start to spread to another 2 persons and the numbers will build up again. Very soon, it will hear about 2nd wave and 3rd wave and many more waves in the future. This will never end unless the people do their parts of social distancing and isolation until the vaccine cure is available. There is no better cure than doing social distancing and isolation in current situation. So, basically if you want to go out for essentials then put on your mask and keep your distance from others and return home immediately thereafter. Washing hands with soap as often as possible when you happen to touch things outside in public and never use your hands to touch your face especially eyes, nose and mouth where the virus can infect you. Do you part in daily routine as mentioned and you can keep yourself as well as others to be safe from this deadly virus. It maybe a simple task but unfortunately, we do see and hear about people flouting the rules like not wearing masks or distancing, etc. It just takes one bad apple to affect the rest of us. And it will keep looping in cycle of never ending pandemic to human.

The sooner for each and everyone realize that it is YOU who will actually put an end to this pandemic, then everyone can get back in normal life routine. This might just be a dream that will not happen any sooner. Life might be changed after the whole incident is over as we can see it. No matter what lies ahead, our main priority now is keeping yourself & loved ones to stay safe. Here are some advice you can abide to so everyone can appreciate from these actions.

Point One: Isolation is the best cure for prevention of spreading as well as avoid being infected.
Point Two: Download the contact tracing app for those currently in Singapore as to find out all the unknown sources that maybe infected with COVID-19.
Point Three: Continue with social distancing and wear masks at the same time while in public.
Point Four: Washing hands with soap often as it helps to get rid of viruses on your hands.
Point Five: Do not use your hands to wipe your eyes, nose and mouth unless you have just washed your hands.
Point Six: If you have fever, cough and difficulty of breathing, please wear your mask and go to consult a doctor.
Point Seven: Read latest news update from Government sites as to avoid fake news which can be harmful and deadly.

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Be a conscientious person as to do your part to prevent further spreading of this deadly virus!